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New to the forums from Missouri

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the smoking world and don't have much under my belt. I use a New Braunfels smoker (I can't find a model number).

I have been looking around this site for a couple of weeks and already read the 5 day course from Jeff.

My first smoke was a chicken that I brined and WOW was it awesome, and I have a pork butt scheduled for this weekend.

Thanks for everyones time.
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also if someone can help me post a pic that would be great.
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Hi and welcome aboard the good ship SMF! Glad to see you decided to stop lurking and join the fun! Good to see that you've taken the e-course...lots of helpful information there!

As for the is a thread that should help you get it figured out....

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Welcome, from another Missouri dude.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Welcome from Sedalia, MO and Happy Smoking. Semper FIPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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You will love it here...a home away from home!

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Hello and welcome to the SMF. You'll be hitting the learning curve at speed after reading around the differenr forums. sO MUCH TIME TO LEARN... SO MUCH TIME TO BURN!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome 32.........
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Welcome to the SMF from a MO native (bootheel)!
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am excited to get started. Seboke, I have family in portageville MO icon_smile.gif. I am located just 45 mins south east of Kansas City.
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ah yes!

what queteepie said times infinty..
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welcome to SMF, learn a little, or alot. smoke something, share it with us thru qview!!!! great to have ya, make it fun!!!!!
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