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Shoulder Picnic...

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Off to a LATE start today on my smoke.. icon_evil.gif
Went to the In-laws for FD and then the Storeicon_rolleyes.gif

The only saving grace is that it's a small Picnic.. After the Fat was trimmed it's probably 3lbs or a little over.
I'm gonna try and keep the temps up around 240-250

Rubbed with OO and then a mix of Emeralds and Jeff's rub made with Turbinado.

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Ok I have no apple juice so I'm using Capt Morgan and Sprite :)

The grill was kind so empty so I tossed on some home made dogs from my friends shop and a couple taters..

About 1hour 50 min in

Smoker hard at work
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Nice looking dogs, there... meaty. Your picnic sounds excellent too.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif You are my kind of guy. Great job. How was that Sprite and the other stuff working? PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Too early to tell on the Sprite.. Still COOOOOOOOOOOOOOking..

Dogs and Taters are done.. Taters came out great... Rubbed in OO and coated with Kosher salt and Course Pepper..

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Looks like a great feast...your CBSS is awful purty too:)

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Capt's and sprite...Hope it can find it's way on the meat...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gifThat's a fine cocktail. Meat looks good.

Coach Em Up!
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Ya, my silver Smoker just got her spring cleaning and new coat of heat paint.
So she is ready for a Long Summer of smoking biggrin.gif
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great lookin food!!! thks for sharing the qview!!!
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Lookin good Seaham! You pulling or slicing the picnic?
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Seboke, I pulled it.

Man what a time I had with this little Picnic.
I'm never smoking another small Picnic again, If its gonna take the same time as a larger piece of meat I want lots of meat when I'm done.

I pulled at 12am and wrapped till 1245 and pulled.. It had some nice bark and it was super moist.
I'll post pics later..
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Ok home from work and I can post the finished pics now

After the pic I poured on the juices from the foil and then put in the frig to tonights dinner.

Its real good, I used a finishing sauce that I made for that vinegar flavor I like on my pulled pork.
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Looks Great! I hear ya on not doin the little hunks again! I like a lot of yield out of the big-time effort!
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