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First fattie, Second Butt, and First Qview

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So I made a Boston Butt and two whole chickens on Memorial day after deciding to finally get a smoker and reading this forum. I didn't want to do a Qview on my first meal. However this morning I got up put on a Boston Butt (.99 cents/lbs Winn Dixie - 3 more on hand) and a pizza fattie.

Just got done eating the fattie. It turned out great. Its got pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce. Has a great smokey crust and a great pizza taste inside. Baked some biscuits to complete the pizza theme.

The first slice I just ate then I put a slice on a biscuit with a little extra pizza sauce. It was good. After that was time to wrap the Butt in foil. However it was pouring rain so I almost abandoned the Qview shots. However it was raining really hard and I decide to wrap it inside. Here are a few shots just before wrapping. Just took a look and the rain has died down the smoker is still around 225 and the Butt is 175 internal.

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Looks awesome!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks great! about how long did the fattie take?
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Honestly I probably left it on way too long at around 5 hours, but all that seemed to do is make the outside nice and crispy. At around 3 hours in it was looking pretty good but just didn't have that crust on the outside.
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emerything looks great, enjoy the good food
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That looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Won't be your last fatty I'm sure biggrin.gif
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Love the idea of serving the pizza fattie on top of a biscuit!!!! I'm writing that one down...thanks for the great idea...awesome Qview!

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Finished product, pulled tasting good with some finishing sauce, and ready for sandwiches all week long.

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Nice job! Its awesome to see newbs have success right out the gate!
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Oh that looks sooooo good! The bark on that butt is awesome! Your fattie looks good too, I think I'll leave mine on longer next time I make one to get that nice crust.
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