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Solving the "crispy skin" issue.

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I think we have all run into the problem of how do deal with the limp, rubbery skin on smoked chicken. Some people finish their bird in the broiler to solve this. I think I may have stumbled upon something else. It all started last weekend. I was at a friend's house and he smoked a whole chicken in his Cookshack smoker. I noticed that he placed the bird, breast down, in a small aluminum tray which was intended to make clean-up easy. A side result was that the breast meat was very moist and flavorful since it was sitting in it's own "juices".

So this weekend, I thought I would try the same thing with cut-up breasts and thighs. I made small 1/2" high trays out of aluminum foil and placed the pieces skin-side down on the pan (after applying a liberal amount of seasoning). I put them in my MES at 230 for about 5 hours. When I took the pieces out, I noticed that the skin had taken on an interesting texture so I tried some. It was a little chewy with a hint of crispness, not bad at all! As best as I can figure because the chicken is in a tray, the skin was poached in all of the rendered fat. Not terribly healthy, but tasty. Incidentally, the meat on the chicken thighs came out great and the breasts were decent although I think I am going to brine them in the future.

I'm going to try this again in the future (and take pictures) to see if I can recreate it but I was wondering if anyone else has tried this?
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nice,........where's the q-view, it didn't happen.....bwhahahaha.......j/k

one question tho.... FIVE HOURS FOR CHICKEN?????........ouch dude........happy it was moist for you, but thats a awlful long time for a bird..........just wondering
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Simplest way to crispy skin is cook at 325*.
Low n slow does nothing for poultry!
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Go to a garage sale, or eBay or wherever and buy yourself a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. Smoke the bird as usual, and then slap it on the spit and spin it until the skin is the desired crispiness!
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ditto what bubba says. I just did some wings this morning at 300+ degrees all came out crispy. Done in hour but they was small wings and cheap to boot. I do rotate them at 20 minute intervals or in that neighborhood. At the temp your heat come backs quickly.
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I have to disagree with Bubba. Yes the skin is crispy at 325 but I have found in my experience the meat is juicier at 250 - 275 then it is at 325.

Since I don;t eat the skin, the lack of crispy skin doesn't matter and it allows me to cook other things along with the poultry that I wouldn't be able to at 325 degrees.
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Well since were talking about CRISPY skin, i'll stick to my guns.
If your brining bird and its not juicy at higher cooks, then your doing something wrong......
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I'm sorry Ron, i'll retract that statement...
I'm just giving my opinion on crispy skin on the SMOKER, not the oven, and definetly not the indoor rotisserie .....icon_evil.gif
You can cook low n slow bird, all i'm saying is theres no advantage to it, especially for those that do like skin!
If you get juicy bird at 225 for 3 or 4 hrs, imagine how juicy it would be at higher temp...i.e. less time to dry out! wink.gif
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Yeah I guess five hours for chicken is a long time seeing as I could make babybacks in the same amount of time. Maybe I will try four hours on my next attempt, and get a q-view.

And for all of you who suggest high temps, well I would try that but the MES doesn't go past 250.
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Sounds like a good excuse for a new smoker.
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Sounds like a great reason to build a
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