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it's all Bob's fault......lol

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After seeing all that bacon being made by the desert dweller, I decided to have a go at making some myself. While I was buying butts for the family reunion, I snagged an extra to make some buckboard bacon. Hi Mountain buckboard bacon cure sounds like the way to go for a first timer, so without further adieu.....on to the qview!

de-boned and ready for the cure...

....a closer look......

in the cure and bagged....

Now we wait....more qview to follow.....PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

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How long we gotta wait?!?!?
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I believe that desert dweller ain't gonna be happy till hes got us all makin bacon biggrin.gif Looks like a great start Eric keep us updated on the progress.
I'm looking forward to trying this myself some time
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well it's about time my friend-was wondering when u were gonna give it a go-hope the reonion went well-pick up any chicks there? lol
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I'm hoping to get away with smoking it next weekend....7 days cure...

LMAO.....nah, no chicks.....I'm from IOWA......Not Missouri......eek.gifbiggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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We'll call it a date! I'll be right back here next sunday!
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way to go eric, you aint the first one he got goin down the bacon trail!!!!
cant wait to se finish and better for you, eatin that stuff, wow!!!
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Eric - this is going to be an awesome thread to keep up with... definitely looking forward to your buckboard bacon turning out great!

Bob - you're rubbing off on many of us, you bacon-god-you! biggrin.gif
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Looking forward to the end results. So far so good buddy.
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Ok Eric I think its time for an update hows it going whats the latest?? Inquiring minds want to know biggrin.gif
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Oh man, this wait is killing me. Q-view...Q-view...Q-view!!! It's Christmas Eve all over again...I want presents!
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I did 3 butts like this recently, came out great! Going by the directions I cured mine for 10 days. Froze two and one is on the fridge. I really like the Hi Mountain cure products. I'm going to try to do bellies next time.

I havn't been able to post any Q-view because my daughter has hijacked my digital camera.
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LOL....OK, OK....have been doing what I've read in desertlite's posts on makin' bacon....flipping it each day so it sort of marinates in the cure/brine. I'ts starting to pull a good amount of moisture out of the meat.

When I checked the fridge thermometer this morning it read 33*.....GASP eek.gif
so, I kicked the temp up some for the cure to work better.

Still shootin' to smoke it either Saturday or Sunday....depending on what my work schedule is like.....finally dried up a little here, so we're hittin' it hard.

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It's on and has been smoking for almost 4 hrs now...and wouldn't you know it, I tried to use my camera again today, and it refuses to cooperate.

Smoking with apple and hickory mixed. It smells fantastic, but very little, if any, smoke coming out. I don't think I could get a shot of TBS even if my camera WAS working.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

It's a little tricky keeping the smoke going without over-heating the bacon....tryin to keep everything below 100*

Will see if I can get some qview after my son gets home from his mom's later.

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Waiting with anticipation biggrin.gif
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buckboard bacon..just sounds good..
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u know the ol saying Eric-no Qview-12#s brisket on since 7am-pool time-installed the AC's-changed oil in the SUV-now some Floyd as smokin music-and another swim in a bit-107 today,beats yesterday.good luck with the bacon.hope to see pics!
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So after almost 10 hrs in the smoker....(the first two I ain't counting cuz they were mostly me fiddling with it to get it set right)....I now have my very first batch of buckboard bacon!

in the smoker about an hour before being pulled....

Fresh out of the smoke...

.....and the other side....

I sampled a tiny piece before I wrapped them so they can chill for a day.....dang that's some good stuff!!

Will try to get some "sliced up" pics after it chills for 24 or so.

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Looks awesome and I bet it tastes great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good lookin stuff!!!-it gonna taste better!!!
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