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Internal chicken temp????

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try to do a search on this but i couldn't find anything i have my chix on now should i take the temp in the breast and if so what temp can i pull it on
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Take the temp in the thickest part of the meat. Minimum internal temp should be 165 degrees. At that temp it is "done" but some prefer a higher temperature. I usually go to 167 to make sure it is done.
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Always pull a temp check on the thickest part of any meat, making sure the probe is not touching a bone, or sticking through the meat out the other side (I've done that!)

Poultry should always be cooked to an internal temp of 180 degrees Farenheit.

Good smoking to you today!
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Take temp in the thickest meat (breast or thigh) avoiding bone cause bone will be hotter. Some cook to 160 some choose 170 to feel safe I guess.
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The question arose in a discussion with a fellow smoker last night over a couple wobbly pops... 165 is enough cooking for poultry (this we could agree upon) but what about smoker temp. In my opinon, too low could keep the meat at a dangerous temperature for too long. What do you guys think?
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Rivet: the 180 degree internal temp is what the USDA "use to" say was the safe temp for poultry. They have since revised their recommendations as studies have shown that harmful food borne bacteria are killed off at 165 degrees. Some prefer their poultry served at a higher temp but there is no reason to go that high for food safety concerns.
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The USDA recommendation is no longer then 4 hours between the temps of 40 -140 degrees. That is the temp range where food borne bacteria rapidly multiply. A little over 4 hours isn't going to make you sick but try to keep within that time frame.
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You are correct Ron. The regulation has changed and if you handle the poultry appropriately (before, during and after cooking) there should be no worries about food borne bacteria. It is just that I'm a stickler for well done bird...strangely, I like my beef rare. Oh well, and thanks for the honesty check!

Happy Dad Day to you all!
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