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Early morning Butt

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I wasn't sure this was going to happen last night but the storms they forecast all night long just seemed to fizzle after an hour. Threw 2 butts on with Jeff's rub and spritzing with fruit punch. They went on about 1:30 AM and now are at 167 and 168 degrees.

After having such an easy time with temps on my turkey smoke last week I was suprised at the problems I had keeping the temps down last night. I used the minion method but I think I put too many hot coals in or perhaps they hadn't burned low enough when I added them. Temps were about 250-265 degrees most of the night.

Plan on adding 2 fatties later, one filled with a cheese omlette the other with sauteed onion, mushroom and green apples.

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day!
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Happy Father's Day to you, and it looks like it's going to be a great smoke!
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Glad that weather broke for you and allowed you to get the smoker fired up. Have a great smoke and Daddy's Day
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Thanks guys. Updated with a little fatty qview

First butt is now 178 and the 2nd is beating it out at 185. Smoker at 221 degrees.
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Man lookie that omlette! I suppose the wife made it for Dad? ;{)
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Well you could figure that she did, but then you'd be incorrect.
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looks good ron-bacon,eggs and waffles here this am. happy dad's day.
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You too Bob, enjoy it! Your own home smoked bacon I'm guessing? icon_smile.gif
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glad to hear bout the weather ron!!! sounds like a great smoke u got goin on. specially that onion/apple fatty!!!! waitin for the qvieew!!!!
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looking real good. i haven't eaten yet so the pics are making me hungry! plus going out to the smoker every hour to spritz is torture right now too!
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Atta boy ron! Glad ya caught a break, sounds like fine eats. Shut down the yard work fer the day an switchin ta smokin mode! Let us know how thins er workin out!

Happy Fathers Day yall!
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Butts just came out a little while ago, about 10 1/2 hours total time. They were done around the same time which is always nice, one was 195 one was 196 degrees. Fortunately a little piece of the bark stuck to the grate so I "had to" sample it. Didn't want to leave a dirty grate, lol.

ABTs just went on. I had some left over cheese omlette from the fatty so I figure why not try them as a stuffing for an ABT? I'm calling it, bacon, egg and cheese in a ABT. Maybe they will replace the normal egg sandwichs at the delis around here.

Qview to follow later when everything is all done.
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sounds like a great ABT stuffing-few chores here & it's smoke time-easy today-brats and ABT's -Allie wants shrimp stuffed with cheese-I gonna do some with my smoked sausage- the saguaros are fruiting so gonna try a few with a cacti touch.
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Great lookin breffist! And the fatty - WOW! I hate coming in here hungry!!
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Foods looking great Ron
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Nice omlette and fatty. (did I spell that ok?)
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Nice looking breakfast!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Ok here is the rest of the Qview except the fatties which will be forthcoming
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now that LOOKS great-abt's are mouth watering-great smoke ron.
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Last of the Qview

Next time maybe I'll you less stuffing lol.
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