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Butts w/Qview

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I did 6 butts today got a bit of a late start but here it is

Going on kinda crowded

Ready for first spritz

Ready for foil

Ready to pull
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I know I didn't show all six but it was pretty much the same all the way thru. Smoker temps 225-250* with hickory chips
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Droooooling here......Look geat!
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that was a smokerfull piney, good lookin too!!!
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Great lookin smoke Jerry! Wish I was at the end point, I'll be pulling tomorrow morning.
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Looking great, good QVIEW , Thanks.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Killer Q View!
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Mighty tasty lookin vittles Piney
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amazing as usual PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mighty tastey lookin vittles Jerry! Mighty fine indeed! When da we eat?
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Great looking smoke Piney.
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Hey Piney, what kind of smoker is that? I'm looking at something similar for my next smoker.

Nice looking butts. Another successful smoke. GOOD JOB!
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Great looking smoke, nicely done!
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Wow, those look awesome. I bet they were fantastic. Yummm. Btw: What kind of smoker is that? Electrical?
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Looks good wish I was at the feed. Going todo 4 i my NES for the 4 of July
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Thats a GOSM model 3405 BGW and its propane they work great
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Yowza, Piney! Thats some nice lookin PP there my friend! Nice way to get the most outta that space there bud!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey Piney...what you gona do with all that pp...have a party?....smf party? lol Look'n great man!
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hey to all! newbie here but not new to smokin meats and cheeses, taters, corn, hashbrowns, and whatever! i have enjoyed the forum from a distance and take the plunge to join. want to share a thing we did last week using the butt reciepe here for pulled pork. it is where you wrap the meat at 140 degrees and finish it up to 200 or 208ish. i put a alumin. pan under the butt during the whole process, took it up slow to 140, then put the butt in the pan and wrapped the whole thing, finished it at 205. the juice it created and then sat in made for the best i had done yet with that meat. i rubbed with mustard for the first time and that made a diff, the rub i use stuck real nice! anyway, howdee to all! Da HaMmer
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also, can i ask for input of what any have smoked and didnt taste good? i offer my last experiment, green olives. coudnt give it away! looking for input.........DaHaMmer
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