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First Butt OnThe MES W/Qview

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I have been waiting forever to do this, I have done about everything else but a butt on the MES.

I called around for prices and found a range form 1.68 - 2.99 a pound. Sam's was 1.68 and Krogers was 1.69 Albertons were 2.49 yikes, and the worst was Sunflower Market which is a regional health food chain at 2.99, holy S@#@ batman. I chose Kroger since I really only want one and not to have to freeze one.

Here it is rubbed with mustard, garlic powder, paprika, brown sugar, lemon pepper, and cayanne. It was an eight pounder with no fat cap.

I then seared it here for about 10 minutes, and put into the smoker.

It's in the smoker with this, Baked Beans.

I used Bushes Boston style, they were on sale, drained some juice, 2 cans 28 ounce, 1 onion sauteed, about 1 cup brown sugar, and 1 cup Lone Star BBQ sauce I had with smoked brisket. I would usually use bacon, but this is just as good. After about 3 hours I added some Mexican blend cheese to the beans and the butt is at 146' and I spritzed the butt 3 times. I am using Hickory, mesquite, and some Apple for chips, and about 4 mesquite charcoal briquettes.

Will be posting more QVIEW as it happens.

Thanks for reading. Wish me luck!
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cant wait to see finals!!! lookin good!!
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Seared pork...interesting.
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Bubba, I have always seared my meat for years, beef or pork, even if not smoking. Even in the Restaurant I would start the ribs at 400- 450, and then lower to 225' for the long and slow braizing proccess. I didn't reveal that in my recipe in Bon Appetit' though.
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As long as your not gonna say you do it to seal in the juices....I'll roll with it! wink.gif
Looking forward to seeing finished pics!!
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I'm not sure what it does, but yes, I feel it does something.eek.gif
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Well here it is at 168' and am almost ready to put it in foil for the night.

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I took the beans out after about 3 hours, I thought I had a pic. Guess not, sprinkled some mexican blend cheese and mixed it in it tasted great.
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Well, I pulled it at 175' here it is:

I also added the drippings to the pan and foiled.

It is also added to the pan and I set it at 220' foiled for the night.

I'll post in the Am The final Pulled Pork with QVIEW. Time to eat the RibEye that I posted earlier.

Enjoy the QVIEW, !
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wow ck out that bark. great job ron!! looks great!!!
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Thanks Erain, I'll post more QVIEW in the AM. The brazing Gods are working as I type.icon_smile.gif
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Romp, can't wait to get the final report from you on this on how it turns out. I just got a MES also, did ribs last week with pretty good results. Didn't have as much smoke flavor as I like. Bought 2 8 lbs butts yeaterday for .99 lbs on sale and threw in the freezer for a rainy day.J ust installled wheels on my MES yesteray think I'll try a meatloaf today.
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Looking good Ron. I'm sure it's going to taste great!
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BAMAFAN Good luck with your MES, I love mine.

Thanks Ron.

I had it in the smoker all night at 215' foiled in a pan. Got up this AM and let it cool a bit. I started with 8# and ended up with 5.2 #, not bad I guess.

The bone was clean, no resistance at all.

Here you can see the moisture of the meat, yum.

All pulled and ready to eat. Wifey packed in Ziploc bags and into the freezer.

The beans were smoked for about 3 hours and turned out awesome with that Lone Star BBQ sauce.

I usually get the wifey a sub sandwhich for lunch tomorrow at work. Kind of a Monday treat for her. She just said, "if you don't want to get me a sub, I'll just take this for a sammie." I guess that was a good thumbs up.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Thanks everyone for following this thread. I guess I'm done smokin' for a while. Wait, I'll need to do some chix thighs, ahhh, saved again.

Take care, Ron
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Looks great ron!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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