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cured elk roasts/dried beef w qview

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aprox a week and a half ago i took a couple elk roasts and trimmed them up and using curlies brown sugar cure pumped them 10% and rubbed with the cure. put in frig and rotated every day. today was the day. took from fridge and rinsed off and let set at room temp for an hour and into my new masterbuilt for its virgin smoke(at long last). i seasoned it for a couple hours last weekend. put in smoker at 130 and left at that temp til outside of roast felt dry to touch. upped the temp to 160 and using prepurnt pieces of cherry leftover from gosm's last weeks smoke and some small bits of cherry wood gave it the smoke for two hours. turned up heat to 190 and will continue to smoke til internal is 155 deg which will be ltr tonite. right now seems to be holding steady at 126 but is lookin good.
here is qview what i have so far...

cured roasts goin into the masterbuilt-first smoke for it other than the 3 hr seasoning last weekend

after 2 hours smoke

will update with part 2 when done and cooled and thinley sliced

thks for ckin out my qview!!!
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biggrin.gif ...erain, will you adopt me? lol
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Dude -
Friggin fantastic again!
Is curlies a recipe or a product?
Dang, Elk is a tasty wonder.
Do you tan the hides and make jackets, gloves or moccasins?
Stuff lasts forEVER.

You rock man.
Lookin forward to a meetin someday.
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I have a couple of elk roasts in the freezer. Perhaps I'll give this a try. Thanks for the Qview. I'm sure we are all anxious to see the finished product.
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great looking table fare to be..

where do you buy elk at??
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.300 winchester mag

here a finished pic, i wrapped in foil and toweled it for a cuple hrs, then will cool it down and tomorrow will slice it up, will post a pic so wecan see how well it did or didnt cure.....

just outta MES, 155 deg.

thks for cking out my post!!!
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damn thats looking great erain-sheesh
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That looks outstanding PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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finished product-qview!!!

if you have venison,whether deer,elk,moose, you really got to give this a try. is still moist, has the cure with brown sugar. has the ham saltiness. just a great way to prepare an already fantastic meat. i know already this aint gonna last long.

roast 1, after spending the nite in cooler

roast 2, also after a nite in cooler

cured right to the center

thats a pan of "dried elk"

thks for ckin out my qview!!!
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Great looking eats there, erain! Real nice color, and I bet it tastes awesome!

I still want to try that recipe I sent you when deer season rolls around this fall/winter...it may take longer, but is more like what I'm after with dried deer/beef.

Good job on a interesting smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Erain I don't normally cut roasts but after seeing this you can bet I will be from now on great looking grub PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Erain -
I'm sorry man, that is just plain TORTURE!
OH, that looks good.
Your wifey and friends are lucky folk.
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Sure wish my freezer had some elk in it. Nice smoke.
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OMG!! I almost called 911. My eyes finally came back from the back of my head, so I didn't hit the send button... Amazing!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking final product !!!

Curleys pre-mixes are good stuff, I have tried many of their products and have been very pleased with them. I have 3 elk roasts in the freezer yet, you are giving me ideas for them.....
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Erain great post as usual.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I have a friend that does Elk. I will tell him about this. Where do you do get the cure? I did a search to no avail.

As a side note, I still haven't found the Mortons quick cure stuff.
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erain, that is some mighty fine looking elk roast. Thanks for sharing with SMF.
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Thanks Ken.
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very good looking..and with out question, great tasting..
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That elk looks so amazing! beam me over sum!!!
I would sure love to try that, however I am thinking I won't be coming across elk meat any time soon!! That was a great maiden voyage!! May all her smokes be as successful!!! YUMMYPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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