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Mechanics: Have to recharge wood chips

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after first three hours...all of a sudden no smoke...so recharged partially
with more soaked chips...plan on running this Boston Butt for 6 hours..
meat looks fine and am running about 225-230 for three hours so far...
but was surprised that the full load of chips was gone in three hours...
is this normal...newby to smoking obviously...
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hi jorge, welcome to smf! be sure to stop over at roll call and introduce yourself...

i would say that chip consumption depends on several factors, including what type of smoker youre using, if they are wrapped in foil, etc. give us a little more info and i am sure someone can give you some insight...

also, we need some q-view!
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It is a MasterBuilt Propane unit about 18 inches square and 3.5 feet tall...
I filled the bowl with the chips at first...then noticed no smoke coming out
so added more chips and now getting a little smoke but not the initial volume...figured on running the unit for 6 hours...no pictures...have no digital camera presently...Oh I am just doing one butt initially to see how it works out...put my basic rub on and then today put it on about 200 this afternoon...should be finished about 800 this evening...have cooking and grilling experience but no smoker experience...just got this unit from Amazon.com for Fathers Day...manana...Blessings...
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Doing fine

You are just fine. A handful of chips last about an hour. You really don't need smoke the whole time. Maybe keep it smokin' half the cook time. Then have another beer and wait it out. Make sure you keep an eye on the meat temp.
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3Putt: the internal temp is 185+ so I cut if off...guess I would have preferred about 160 or so...maybe too done...oh well...thanks for mentioning internal temperature...or it would have still been cooking...
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OK. Here is the straight skinny -
1- Don't use chips, USE CHUNKS, 2-3 at a time, they last a good bit, put them in your little pan that sits above the burner
2- Don't soak ANY wood you want to smoke with, it just has to dry out before it will light and produce smoke. Why waste the time?
So, there it is. For the 83691st time.
Believe me, or don't. I've smoked a couple times.
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Hey Gila, welcome to the forum. Have a good look around this place as there's plenty of good info on smoking in general.

Get yourself either a wireless thermometer or at least one with a probe and length of wire so you can read the temps without having to open the smoker all the time.

Also I notice you're planning based on time, you should really forget about time and only think about temps. I've only done two butts myself so far but they behaved entirely different despite same smoke temps, same wood chunks, similar sized cut of meat etc.
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