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My Father's Day Smoke (w/ q-view)

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well, i'll be smokin tomorrow and thought i'd post a few pics of the menu....spare ribs and a pork butt rubbed with my own rub. i was going to do some abt's as well, but was in such a hurry to get out of the busy grocery store, i forgot the main ingredient.....jalapenos!!!!! so i guess the ribs, butt and lots of beer will have to do! i wanted to smoke with apple, so i called gander mtn. to see if they had chunks. they put me on hold and said yeah, we got apple. i said is it chunks or chips? they told me it was chunks, so i was out in a hurry. got down to the store and they had the saw dust looking chips and normal chips. i was kinda mad about it, but picked up a bag of mesquite instead, although i think i'm going with the tried and true hickory tomorrow.

here's a shot of the ribs

and the pork butt
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Hey g_a_d, hickory is my go to wood. Great on everything! Smokes are gonna turn out fine!!
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well, it's official....this is the earliest i've been up in the last couple of months! just fired the smoker up about 15 mins ago, pulled the butt an hour ago and am getting ready to throw it on. ribs to go on later
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I'll be looking forward to some Qview after you get some coffee in ya biggrin.gif
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drinkin water and gatorade right now.....long night last night, lol so i gotta rehydrate for more beer consumption today biggrin.gif qview definately to follow.
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looks great got me wishin I was doing the same thing as you
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will keep an eye out for finished qview. you got a day in front of ya!
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here's the first update. after an hour and half and gettin ready for a spritz of aj and capt morgan

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thought i'd post another teaser pic. notice the friend it found?

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Great qview! I'm just down the road in Waynesville and working on some ribs even as we speak. Good luck and happy rehydrating! The camera's in PA this weekend with the family so I won't be able to post and qview of my own but yours looks GREAT.
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well after falling asleep by the recliner, i was awoken by the sound of my timer going off. it was time to spritz both down and put the ribs in the foil. dinner is supposed to be at 5, but the butt isn't cooperating with me icon_evil.gif . still haven't hit 165, nor do i think i hit the plateau either. oh well, it's always worth it when it's done. thought i'd post a few more pics. enjoy....

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Looking good!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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well, i'm getting ready to pull the ribs here in about 15 mins. the butt still hasn't hit 165 (at 158 now), but hopefully once the ribs come out, it will speed up the process a little. i was hoping everything might be done around the same time, but since that isn't going to happen, i was going to wrap the ribs in foil and place them in a cooler with a towel to rest exactly like you do with pulled pork.

has anyone done anything like that before? just wondering if it would be alright to do, or would the ribs turn to mush? i'll post some more pics here shortly.
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I've had to foil ribs a couple times but I just tented them instead of wrapping tight. They came out pretty good, maybe slightly "mushy" but still ok. I think you'll be just fine. Great looking qveiw! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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ribs are done and resting in foil right now. i didn't wrap them tight in foil, but did wrap them in a towel and put them in the cooler. i think we're going to dig into them soon though PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif ! the pork butt is up to 162 now, so foil coming soon there! here's a few more pics.

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Looks good so far!
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i just realized that i had never posted pics of the final product! haha, better late than never, right? it actually fell apart taking it out of the foil

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