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cut up whole chicken

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Brined overnight, then splashed with molasses and a rub applied. First chicken for me so we'll see how it goes. I've read a few threads on here and it seems there's lots of different ways to do it, I decided on going with a high temp and lots of smoke to start off and then I'll foil at about 165F.

Any advice welcome, they've only just gone in so it's not too late if I need to change things up :)

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If they aren't crisp enough you can always throw them on a hot grill to crisp the skin up
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I have never foiled them, atleast thru the cooking process. Maybe you mean when finished? Brine was probably not needed, but alot of folks do it. I with Piney and throw them on the Gasser to crisp them up.
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Hi Flash, I was going to foil them and continue cooking to make sure they didn't dry out.
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No need to continue cooking, at 165 they are done.

If you aren't going to serve right away you can foil, but if you are, just let them sit a few to reabsorb juices and dig in!
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Agree with Ron. I cannot see them drying out, especially when cooking at low temps (225 to 250). I pull them at 160 and 165 internal and put them on the grill to crisp them up. As Ron stated, they are done at 165º, but my wife wants more like 175º + when it comes to chicken. Even then, it still is quite moist after pulling from the gasser.

No brine either PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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thanks for the tips guys, I'll pull them at 165 and then crisp up on the gasser. Flash were you turning your pieces periodically or did you just leave them skin side up? Not sure what to do about that...also with the drumsticks I should probably turn right?
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No, I never really flip them at all. Good circulation in my verticals, so don't see the need. As for chicken legs, this might work for you.

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Caretul there Flash, don't want chicen dripping into anything!!! Can lead quickly to a "coming out of both ends" experience!!
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you're right, except its dripping onto Chicken wings biggrin.gif

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well they're out the smoker now, the skin is unchewable :) but the meat has great flavour and moisture on the thigh and drumstick I just tasted. Hopefully when I crisp them up on the grill the skin will be edible.
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You're good to go and on the right track. You always have to crisp the skin on the grill when smoking yard birds if you plan on eating it. Just goes with the territory.
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Unless you can smoke at higher temps like 325º or so. Besides, the skin is not good for you any way wink.gif
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I agree as I've done turkey that way (350). Tried that last Thanksginving in a decent snowstorm and 30 degree temps. Man, that was a long day. Had to resort to the oven so we could finally eat. Not one of my better performances.

Still, for me, if you're going to eat the skin, still needs some grillin time for me if others are interested in eating the skin. Crispier rather than rubber is better. However, like you, I don't eat the skin.

I will say, I was down your way a couple of weeks ago and had some Greenheads on the grill with skin. They were Excellent and I ate the skin. That was part of what made them great. First time I ever had duck and it was awesome cooked that way.
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