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Thanks Patty. I gonna be in prison tomorrow but will be hiome in arvo for grilling :)
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Prison Mick? Hope they let you out for good behavior!

TH..sometimes it's good to have a buddy. I need to borrow your's next time I go to Bass
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Yeh I get out 8 hours after I start. Gotta love oklahoma Dept of Corrections
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Guess they probably can't close down for the day.biggrin.gif
Hope you still have a great Father's Day.
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Thanks for the good wishes. My kids will be flying in to spend a month or so here...i do miss them. I'll have a turkey smoking, a platter of ABT's (first time) and another first timer- a smoked SPAM. I know my kids and I will love it; my wifer? Well, she will probably shudder!
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Rivet that sounds like the perfect Father's day gift. Hope you enjoy your
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Thank you so much. Oldest son is away in the Army and the youngest is off with with the wife shopping. I'm smoking some ribs and already did some pig candy on the WSM
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Thanks ladies! Spent yesterday doing a brisket, and will do some babybacks for today.
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