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Try Cheese sticks!

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I dont have a bakers bag (or whatever you call them) and stuffing ABTs can get messy doing it with your fingers. So what I figured out is use Cheese Sticks. They now come in a lot of varieties so you can usually find the cheese your looking for. My last batch came out good and wasnt much of a mess.
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Great idea!
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Just take a "zip" bag
fill it with your stuffing
get as much air out as possible
Seal top
work material down into a corner of the bag
Snip the corner off of the bag
use to squeeze filling into your ABT's or whatever.

Good Luck
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And on a side note the baker's bag thing, is called a piping bag.

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One of the main reasons I cut my jalapenos length wise (to form canoes) is so I can stuff them easier.

I simply use a teaspoon and "scrape" the cheese mixture into the pepper.

The zip-top bag with a corner cut off is also a good idea.
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I agree. I used to core them but never again. So much easier to cut them lengthwise. I think you can load them with more filling this way too!
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When I use my bakers bag to fill them, I tilt my pinkie finger just seems more civilized that way hehehehe :-)

I am going to stuff some Poblano's this weekend...Quite a bit bigger, but I think the taste will keep with them! And they are mild enough that the wife will eat them...
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excellent suggestion! I will use it for those times I'm too lazy to pipe the filling from the bag. Points for you!
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I used the end of my wifes metal ice cream scoop to stuff the good into the pepper. fit perfect, I will try the zip lock bag trick next time.
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teaspoon and my thumb

it ain't fun if you don't get messy
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I vote Boat! Lots more filling per pepper. Also, you don't need a contraption to hold them up, just line them up on the grates. They also seem easier to clean this way.
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i use a frosting gun for filling mine. it looks like a caulking gun. i found it in the wifes baking supplies. its made by wilton and runs about $15. it works better than any thing else ive tried. i mean, it looks like a caulking gun how could it not work? maybe they make one that i can connect to the compressorbiggrin.gif
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another nice thing about making canoes/boats outta doubles the servings.........lolol
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My wife has an electric one, that she uses for christmas cookies, I might have to borrow it.biggrin.gif
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Hard to use a pipin bag for hard cheeses but it does work great for the soft fillings.

I'm a traditionalist and still like them upright in a chili grill.
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