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I would run Spy Bot or some other program to check for spyware. Also any time you forward an email it allows others to see everyones email adresses. This is one reason I never forward chain emails as most are just ways for people to collect emails. If you want to send someone something you have received the best way is to cut and paste the item into a new email.

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First off welcome to the smf...................Sencond off I don't think your getting your spam from here....I have never noticed and more spam coming into my inbox since joining here then before..............Just turn up your filter and make sure you don't have any spy ware on your computer.......Spyware is were I notice more spam coming from.... I run my spyware programs almost daily to rid computer of spyware............
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I also took the e course and I have never gotten any kind of spam that could be attributed to this site.

Spammers have many ways of harvesting emails from many sites and even ways to send out spam to entire groups with nothing more than such as Road Runner and other major ISPs.

I would say that he is more than likely getting it from somewhere that he has downloaded something from or from. Spam gets started anytime you click on a link that has some offer in pop ups. I always use my pop up blocker and never click on links saying you won this or that or other enticements.
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I would run the antispyware tools that others have mentioned. It sounds like you have a bot on your machine that is keeping track of your browsing activity and relaying that information to spammers that send you "targeted" emails. If you have been visiting cooking sites, you get cooking related emails. If you have been visiting travel sites, you get travel related emails.

I signed up for the ecourse months ago and never noticed an increase in spam.

Hope this helps.

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i dont know what all my spyware software does but i didnt notice any difference after ecourse . there could be more but maybe i dont see it cuz of software or maybe not, havent noticed anything on scaqns either. so mebe bicked something up somewhere???
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I just signned up for the 5 day coarse a few days ago and no more spam then normal...........HHHHHHHMMMMMM !!!!
Now you got me thinking I wonder if spam would make a good fatty.......LMAO !!!!!
Sorry I couldn't help myself !biggrin.gif
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Another good method of keeping crap off your computer is set up a Yahoo or Gmail account and then check your emails there and forward anything you wish to keep to your regular email address. Use this address when signing up for any online sites, that way the only thing you get in you regular email client on your machine is what you forward to it.

I have a plethora of yahoo groups that i run also several websites and forums, nowhere on any of them is my main email address. I learned my lesson a long time ago when I wiped out my system by downloading the wrong thing.
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Maybe we could have a Spam-B-Que
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Nothing here

took the course 2 weeks ago,havent noticed any increase in spam.Hope this helps ! and for spam fatties ???? well,just say NO !
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Thanks for the input guys. I am looking into the anti spam software like I had on my PC, but now I have a Mac. As soon as I get this cleared up I will post an update.
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