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Do I have a legit complaint?

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First off, let me say that I really enjoy and will benefit from this site. That being said, I have a possible complaint and I wanted to see if directing it to the operators of this site is accurate.

Ever since I signed up the the "5 day email course" I have been getting RIDICULOUS amounts of junk email!!! I am getting all sorts of crap that I never saw before. I know that spam will always be a problem, but I have never received a fraction of what I am getting since I signed up for the course. Among the spam are several solicitations regarding "cooking" interests that I never saw before. This leads me to the conclusion that the operators of the email course sold my address which is the source of the spam.

Are any of you guys and/or gals experiencing this? If not, then I need to work to find the source.

Thanks for any feedback!
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I always get a lot of junk mail regardless of anything I sign up for. I doubt it's from this site.
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Since I joined here, I haven't recieved any spam e-mails that have to do with cooking. I really doubt it's from this site too.
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No cooking junk mail for me. Just the usual good deals from nigeria, etc..
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Did you guys sign up for the 5 day email course?
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Yep....... sure did
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No, I didn't!
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No cooking related spams for me either. Just a lot of canadian pharmacy that I have always got, and offers to, errr... "enhance" my, ummm... "junk".
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Yeah, I signed up for it when I registered on this site. I just get a lot of junk mail for *****/pills and what not. Nothing about coooking. Maybe you signed up for something on another site.
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The cooking spams are just a fraction of what I am getting and gave me the idea that this may be the source. I have not signed up for anything on the web other than this site and the email course in a VERY long time. Since I signed up I am getting well over 100 emails in my spam box and 10-15 that make it past the spam filters into my inbox on a daily basis.

Hopefully this is not the source and hopefully none of you guys have this problem.

Just checked email......cooking spam in inbox and 15 others in my spam folder since deleting them all about 3 hours ago!

It is almost funny but getting to be a pain in the butt!

Any suggestions to stop this??
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Well, magically, I've been getting all these, and several a day, WATCH REPLICAS, can't tell em from the real ones. blah blah blah.

I couldn't figure where the heck these were coming from.

I know Jeff wouldn't sell our info, and perhaps it's not related, but if it's a common reoccurance maybe Jeff needs to check into his host/provider or see if someone has figured a way to hack the system.

Just food for thought and I LOVE THIS PLACE !
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I signed up and no cooking spam here.
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To the best of my knowledge Jeff does everything possible to protect folks privacy.

Many moons ago I signed up for the five day course and never realized an increase in junk mail.

Now, we have a special section called "Forum Related Issues".

If you feel that you continued junk mail is related to this site post your thoughts there and we will take a look at it. I caught this by accident whereas if it had been posted in the "Issues" area I would have jumped in sooner.

Glad to see that you enjoy our site and I welcome you, maybe a bit late, but I'm glad you're here. Keep an eye on your junk mail and if you really feel that it is generated by your membership here pop a post into the "Forum Related Issues" section and we'll jump right on it!

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Suggestions for Limiting Spam

First, does your ISP provide a Spam Filter? If so raise the level of protection.

Second. Get a good program for eliminating adware. Adware consists of tracking cookies. So everytinme you visit a website they know you are there and then whack you with related ads.

I would recommend MS Spysweeper and Ad-Aware from Lavasoft USA. I have used both and they really have helped me cut down the junk.

Go to either the Microsoft site for Spysweeper or to

www.lavasoftusa.com for Ad-Aware!
Hope this helps!

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It's been awhile since the ecourse, but I never got any junk mail an still don't that I could say came from here. There should be a way fer you to eleminate most all of that, will depend on yer system an such.
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just did e-course a month or so and no spam of any kind.
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I havent gotten even 1 junk mail
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I got no more spam than usual after taking the Ecourse
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no spam here do you have a spam blocker 5 day course was very helpful
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