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First Brisket, Yay Fun!

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After my rousing success with smoking some Butts on my MES (my early Father's Day gift), I'm now doing my next adventure with the black beer fridge of a smoker: brisket!

Having read some of the threads, I'm looking forward to this. I'll be getting up earlier than I did with the pork (about 5AM Pacific), and I'll use this thread as my play-by-play.

What I plan so far:
  • Hickory chips
  • Apple juice mop
  • Smoke until 170
  • Foil until 185
  • Unfoil for another hour to firm up bark
I'm really looking forward to this.
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Sounds like ya got a good plan! As a retired military man, I love plans! Good luck with the brisket, and show us some Q-view!

(your avatar cracks me up - is that you?)
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How big is it just a flat, or a point, or a packer?

the weight?
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Good luck with it, looking forward to hearing the details!
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hea randy, wondering where ya been after that fantastic thread you had on your initial ritesof passage with your first smoke and qview as an smf member. looking forward to the play by play on this as well as i have never done a brisket but am soakin up every bit of info on them. keep us updated and supply the qview!!!! rootin for ya here in mn.
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Well, dang.

Went to Costco yesterday, but there was no brisket! I was out of time and couldn't go to another shop, so I ended up getting two slabs of pork spareribs and about 5 pounds of breakfast sausage (thinking fatty here).

I feel bad that I set up this thread just to let you guys down (this time, anyway). I promise I will smoke the most amazing brisket, just as soon as I find one to smoke!

Now back to the pork forum to start going on the spare ribs.
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Next time you can also try Smart and Final they have beautiful brisket usually all the time...where is the fattie q-vue???
You are such a tease!
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What BBQG said. I've bought quality meat at Smart & Final.
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i been waitin and waitin, wondering when that wonderful post was coming on the brisket and if more angels joined the eleventy million others.... dude i am depressed :( lol i will just have to wait, kinda like smokin a brisket eh!!!!
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