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Well heck they seemed to name this smoker correctly.
after running smoke through this smoker at 300 degrees for 4 hours of med to heavy smoke.
I then decided to back her down to low on the dail.
Well lets just say it was ran on the lowest setting dry at 200-220 degrees.
Can't wait to stick my Butt in there tonight........should be done just in time for our every Sunday Nascar party !

Thank you too everyone that has posted directions on S.M. I will let ya'll know how she turns out.

I will be useing Jeff's Rub and his finishing sauce for the first time can't wait to give it a taste. Instead of cider vinegar I will use my own pepper vinegar, which is cider vinegar with chili pepers chalets blk peppercorns smashed cloves of garlic a pinch of sea salt and a few basil leaves ...tossed into a old Pattron bottle and aged for at least 2 weeks.
it keeps for months on the counter.......well it would keep for months but i end up making a batch every other week because I use it on the way this pepper vinegar is awesome on fried fish and in pasta salids. give it a try you won't be sorry.
it's also a great mop for ribs and beef and chicken.........yum !
I use it on dam near everything.

Thanks for all of the info.

Just a thought......In most of the posts I read on seasoning your smoker.One important step was missed !

Make sure you place a piece of ply wood under your smoker or you will get a nasty stain on your new redwood me on this one !