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BB pull back?

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Each piece of meat is different and will likely have its own characteristic but here lately it seems that my ribs have been hit or miss (more miss) IMO. I've went back and read the 3-2-1 article to see if had forgotten something but am not spotting it.

I'm using a Traeger 125 and when it comes to ribs I've always stuck with the babybacks. It seems I'm not not getting much pullback and certainly the kind I see post here and elsewhere. Generally the taste dead on for what I'm looking for but the tenderness can be spotty. Last time I'm sure that I pulled a couple of racks a little early feeling pressured by being late for the group we had that identifies one of issues Pss Poor Planning on my part.
Today I'm trying out a couple of new rubs to me on a rack that I split in half. At the grate I've held temps right around 230+/- 10. Started at 7:20 with the cooker already on and warmed up. Meat wasn't room temperature but had been out of the frig. 10-15 minutes. At 11 I finally had a small amount of pullback maybe an 1/8 or 1/16 but they had the right look. Threw into some foil with apple juice because they looked right and will pull them out shortly to check. So any ideas why I'm not getting the pullback that some of you get? Generally I like them between the 5 to 6 hour mark.

Probably not explaining well, I guess that is why it is more art than science!
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Pullback is not that critical...ribs with more fat will have more pullback!
BB's are less fatty and will not have the shrinkage that spares do.
Your doing fine, you'll see more pullback after the foil step! wink.gif
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Thanks, I've pulled them off and sampled with my wife. Both agreed I hit my mark this go around. I'll post a couple of pics in a little while if my internet connection cooperates.

The thought about fat makes a little sense and I have been trying to do a better job of picking thru the racks before I purchase.

Tried an apple based rub that I scavenged from the net and commercial based rub that was a freebie. The home made one was the winner hands down, wife asked when we would be having it again.
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Commercial Rub 1

Commercial 2

Apple rub

Apple 2
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Ribs look great!
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Pullback or not . . . I'd eat 'em!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I don't smoke BB's, but is there a membrane that can/should be removed?
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Ya Rich, same as spares...
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They look good nice job
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