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Thanks Abel! You got anything going today?
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Not today, might be doing/trying a meatloaf tomorrow. Kind of crazy around here so we're taking it as it comes.

Having chicken salad tonight from the last whole bird I did...that was good! So, should have some good sammies tonight. Probably do some artichokes as well...yum!
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WOW! I love chicken salad, but SMOKED chicken salad. Makes me want to say WOW again!!!! I did that with my smoked christmas turkey leftovers last year. Awesome!!
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that is some seriously fine lookin qview dude!!!!!!!
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Hour 7, smallst one at 158, then 149, 148, 147

So far so good, no plateau that I have noticed unless it happened while I was asleep in the pool!
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Hour 8, plateau has set in. Even lost temp! icon_evil.gif Smallest at 157, then 155, 147, 146. Next Q-view when I pull em to foil, whenever that be!! Working to keep temp now at 240-ish instead of 230-ish
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everything looks amazing! what time should i come over for the 3 greatest things? bbq, pool and beer
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That is some nice looking butt
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All this for 4 July! Might I suggest expedia for plane tickets?

fixin to pull 2 off and go to foil. The other 2 are stalled at 149 going on 2.5 hours
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normally i'd drive, but with the way gas prices are, i'll go southwest! looking forward to seeing some more q-view's!
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picture perfect q-view right there!! got the mouth watering right away loleek.gif
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Looks awesome. 1 Question, what's the point of scoring the fat cap?
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Capt Dan vbmenu_register("postmenu_207761", true);
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I score the butts to promote better bark, and render the fat away more efficiently! Thanks for the comments. I am up north with Pop on fathers day weekend, using this itty bitty teeny laptop. Tough for big ole clumsy fingers.

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Got the idea to score the fat cap from Capt Dan in his Graduation Smoke
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I'm going to try the scoring thing next time. I would be interested to know if it aids or hinders the pulling process!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I've also wondered why I've seen the fat cap scored on butt's. Glad the question was asked and the answer was as simple as that! Will have to try that next time, and smoke the thing fat cap up.
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Thanks for the promotion,hehehe, I am still up north on my dads pc, its a dinasour, but it works. We got storms commin in, so I aint to sure how long I'll be on, them butts look great. I score mine a bit deeper, through the first layer of fat, and through the thin layer of meat, and into the second layer of fat. If ya look at my "graduation Butt post" of about 3 days ago, You notice the sqaures are more pronounced and valleys are deeper. I think anyone who has a smoker that smokes their butts fat side up, will benifit from this method. If you have a smoker that runs a lil hot or is tough to regulate,like the SFB horizontals, I would be leary about cooking fat side up. Makes me proud to see such a distinguished member of the site following my lead. I am honored, and wishing I was home in my pool!icon_smile.gif
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dan, I PM'd patty the other day thanking her for my nomination to the OTBS, told her she was on my short list of mentors within this forum. Bro, you are on that list too!! I'm honored that you called me distinguished!!!
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10.5 hours for the last butt to get to 160. Forgot to take pics of the first two before foiling. These are ready to foil. One at 160, the other at 163

The long wait to 200, then to the cooler, then to bed!
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Great looking butts!
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Looks great and I'm sure will taste even better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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