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4 Butts in Progress (Q-View!)

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Thanks to pineywoods for turning us Florida boys (and girls) on to the Winn-Dixie butts on sale! Picked up 4 at $.99 / pound. Having a big 4 July party and going to pull em, vac-pack em, heat and serve.

Started the effort last night by mixin up a double batch of Jeff's rub

The victims: 30.77 pounds of bone-in butts

Scored the fat cap (tribute to Capt Dan)

Slathered in yeller mustard

And rubbed down, heading to the fridge for the night

Stay tuned!
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Nice lookin' butts ya got there, Ken! Definitely lookin' forward to the future qvue as those babies cook up.
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Got a late start today. Had an arguement with my snooze alarm at 0645 - which I lost... Got the butts out of the fridge at 0930, got the fire prepped - oak for the fuel, hickory for the flavor.

Ready for the smoke!

And it begins at 1030 this morning

This is Koda Bear. I'm his best friend. I'm his BEST FRIEND FOREVER when I'm smokin!

More to come!
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Found the simplest solution to a mad I've been wanting to do to the smoker. The 2nd rack from the top is close to the firebox and have been wanting to put a shield of some sort to block the direct heat. Had this old pizza pan that was the heat shield of my old trashcan smoker. Covered it with foil (cause it was pretty nasty) and just set it on the 3rd rack from the top. Fits the coutour of the tank nicely and blocks the direct heat - the fire box is about three inches below it.

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Looking good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin mighty tasty so far Seboke! Can't wait to see the finished Qview.

Your helper sure is handsome,smile.gif
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After 2 hours, spritzed with 3:1 apple juice and Capt Morgan mix and flipped to fat cap up.

Gonna spritz every hour till they get to 160 internal, foil em, take em to 200.

Temp is holding well at 230-240, just enough wind to keep a nice breeze blowing straight into the firebox. TBS is lookin good!
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LQQKIN' good in da neighborhood! Beautiful layout you got there.Waiting for the finish.
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Thanks Patty! He is a cutie (still young enough I can call him cute)! Love the long ears and tail.

And thanks to you Laurel!

And thanks to you too Jerry!

(Just wanted to check out quoting multiple replies - never did it, just learned how)
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Looking real nice, thanks for the QVIEW. I have also been waiting for a sale, great buy.
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4 hours in and all is well! Pulled em out to trade rack spaces and got the spritz on easier.

Back in the smoker, therms inserted. Smallest one at 133, two at 130, one at 129.

Now gonna relax in this for a while till the next spritz...

With one of these! (only one... LOL! Sorry, this is my last one)
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That is looking great. Cant wait to see the finish. Just wish I was there to partake.
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that looks wonderful ! your grates put beautiful markings on the meatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wow great looken butts & brewski
thanks for qview
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Thanks guys! If I woke up when I wanted to today, I might have em in the foil by now!
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At the 5 hour mark. Smallest at 138, then 137, 136, 135. Gettin in the pool! It's 95* here!
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All looks really good so far, Ken. The pool and that beer, look mighty refreshing!

I'll keep peeking in for updates, definitely! biggrin.gif
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It's going well Laurel! If the temp stagger remains the same, I'll let the lowest temp get to 160 them pull em all! Figure the highest one will only be at 163! But I know I have a plateau coming, so that plan is just crazy! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Those are some serious vittles and look awesome to boot. I think I can smell them from there. In any event, just puts an ! on your nomination.

Great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good Ken I thought I may have caught a little wisp of smoke in the air just couldn't tell if it was yours or mine biggrin.gif
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