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Mr Porky Does Brisket! 1st Time, Qview In Stages

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Hey folks!
After a week and a half of near winter conditions 40-50* and rain pretty much everyday, this weekend looks like its just right for some smoke. My brother is in town for a few days, so I thought I'd learn him some Que.

Only problem is, the nugget won't eat pork! (BTW I can disown him for that, no?biggrin.gif) No pulled pork, pig candy, or fatties. Turns out he likes brisket, which is good as its something I've yet to try. Thus begins my first foray into doing brisket.

Lets meet our, uhh meat, and best friends for the duration.. A bit over 5# and will be rubbed down with good ol French's mustard and some of Coyote's Lumbre chili topped of with some mountain man bourbon rub

rubbed with the mustard and Lumbre

rubbed, and ready to wrap

The plan is to get the CGSP fired up by 4:30AM. Will post updates as I can, so stay tuned.
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Looks like a great start we'll be waiting on more Qview
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Bro, looks like you're off to a good start! We got a bunch of folks smokin tomorrow, looking forward to watching yours develop!
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So far looking good. Let us know how it turned out. Are you going to sear?
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Good luck on the Brisket Porky. Be sure to post up on how it goes. I'm working up the courage to try my first one too.

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Lookin good. Great Avatar.
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Looks good so far... look forward to the rest!!
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Looking Good... That rub looks good, how is it?? I may have to try some..
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Looks like you got off to a good start, how did the finished product end up? Hopefully all went well!
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Ok, off to a later start than I hoped for. Alarm went off but the snooze bar got used a time or twoPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif so I've used up some of my buffer time, but should still have everything on track for dinnertime. Thanks everyone for hanging in there, and posting your encouragement.

I'm going to give it a go without searing.

Jump on in, the waters fine!

Al rules!

I like it, and plan to get some more later today. They've got several flavors, but I didn't get a chance to try more than a couple of them. If you want some of the Lumbre chili, talk to Coyote, he'll hook ya up.

Just gettin started, but I predict It'll go well. Gonna hit it with some of this...
in a bit, foil at 170, wrap in towel, toss in the cooler then pull for sammiches
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Can't figure it out... How do you post multiple quotes?
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Glandular stimulus! I'l b posting my Fedex account number: you can ship me some for freewith it all.: Custom Critical, of course. Good luck
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Forgive the quicky paint, but here ya go! Click the highlighted box on each post you want to quote.
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DUH!!! Hover over the button, says "multi-quote this message". Thanks!
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looks great ...looks like you guys are eating good today.....
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Better yet, lemme know when yer in the PNW and I'll make ya some!

Thanks, I'm hoping to do just that!

Busy day but heres where I am currently

Here are a couple throughout the day

at 200 and in the cooler

Will update when ready to pull..
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Great pics of a pre-finished product! The pulled product is bound to look great!
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great qview, update us on finish!!!
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Annnnd, I'm spent!

8 Hours on the smoker and 2 hours in the cooler. Also, I've noticed it seemed tougher to putt than a butt. Will do this again.
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Very nice, Making me hungry.

I hope the one I do tomorrow, My first comes out that nice
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