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Hello from San Jose!

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I am a newbie from NorCal. I have been using my Weber Performer for a few years now, but have been increasingly unhappy with the quality of my low-temp cooking.

I just purchased an electric Masterbuilt smoker and can't wait to see the results this weekend. I can't decide between baby backs, brisket, or chicken. Aw heck, I'll probably just do them all!!!
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welcome. I'm pretty new to SMF and smoking (only about a year in or so) but have found everyone on this board more than helpful.

Good luck and enjoy!
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welcome to SMF good smokin this weekend I think my next smoke will be a brisket
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Welcome to SMF and congrats on your new coach!
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Welcome to SMF Jay. Congrats on that new smoker and heck yea season that thing then smoke em all.
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Welcome to the group

I too am new to the group and I am also from San Jose. I looked at the Masterbuilt at BBQ galore but I went whole hog and got a Cookshack 50. I think the Masterbuilt is a fine unit and you will have some great smokes on it.

As for meat in the area Smart and Final is the place to get packer cut brisket for $1.79 a lb you cant beat it. You will be much happier with the packer cut rather than just doing a flat and you are looking at about a 14 hour smoke.

For pulled pork (pork butt) Costco has them in Almaden but they look to be a double pack. For a small one 5 lb or so you can get them at Food Max over by the 24 hour fitness on Parkmor & Meridian. That will be about an 18 hour smoke.

If you haven't already got a remote thermometer you should. It saves many trips to check the meat temp. I usually sleep right through the smoking and it will beep to let you know you have reached the temp you want.

I just did beef jerky 5lbs worth and it came out great. I got the meat (London Broil) at Lucky on Camden Ave for $2.49 a lb.

Happy Smoking,

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Hello San Jose, good to see another fellow smoker from Calif. Welcome to the SMF.
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Thanks for the info! That is really going to save me a lot of trouble. I picked up an Oregon Scientific remote thermo already. I figured I didn't want to wake up throughout the night to check the temp (lazy, huh?). I hope to have some good stories and pics to share very soon!

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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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WElcome friend to MSF , you will find plenty of good friendly info here
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welcome aboard sooperjay, we'looking forward to your smoke this weekend too! Remember your Q-view!
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Welcome to smf mate. Enjoy your stay
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Welcome to the forum sooperjay!
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Welcome Sooperjay. Neat place here.
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welcome to the best forum on the web, good to have our town represented, we get enough folks around here smokin, and we can have a festival or something, btw im sure you can see the whole san jose area is smokin from all the fires around here. think of all that good would going to waste.
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Hi sooperjay,
Welcome to SMF! Jeffs rub is awesome..make sure you get some!!
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