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Easy ABT boat

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Here is a simple one fer yall I ain't seen in here yet (ifin I missed it sorry), Cut yer peppers in half, clean out the seeds an veins.

Mix up a batch a cream cheese an 3 cheese mexican blend, stuff this inta the peppers. Now put a little smokie on top a the cheese an smoke! Good stuff an easy ta do!

Before the smoke.

After the smoke. These are gooooood!
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Smokies instead of bacon. What a nice touch Trav. I think I like it. Will have to try it.
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Approximately how long do the ABT's usually go for?
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They look Beautiful, BTW
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Great job on the ABT'S.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It usually takes me and my buddies about 10 minutes to scarf them down.

Seriously, I usually put them on for about an hour...give or take (the only thing that really needs to cook is raw bacon...with those smoked sausages you could eat em raw/cold).

I find that they are easier to cook and stuff if they are cut length-wise. I've got to find a baker's cooking rack to use because i find they don't crips up in a pan.
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Dependin on the temp yall runnin yer smoker at, 225* an hour ta bout two hours, the lower the temp the more smoke yall get. I just kinda eye ball it, when the cheese has some dark color to it, the sausages er lookin done and the peppers er tender lookin they be ready fer eatin! I use a tray I bought in walmart in the grillin section, heavy weight with holes punched in it an is enamel coated.

Antoher choice is them thin wire screen ones they sell in the same dept.
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Lesson reinforced yesterday , keep the creme cheese at a higher ratio than the other cheeses . Had a lot of shrinkage from dripage on my last batch. eek.gif
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Pig in a canoe?
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Looks good! I hope mine turn out as well. I also mix a little salsa in with the cream cheese & 3 cheese blend.
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Trav - I will try this next time as this config has to be easier to prepare.

I went 90 min on my first batch and they were great.
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There ya go!
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Looks good thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those rock Trav! I was thinking about Pigs in a canoe in a blanket. Wait my cholesterol just went up 20 points thinking about doing that!
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pig in a canoe. that's funny... and it goes to show you, that toothpicks are a necessity
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thanks for sharing the idea! Pigs in a Conoe - Classic!
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Thanks for the info. I'm going to make my very first batch of ABT's on sunday and have cream cheese, asiago, portobello's and fresh cilantro to go in. Decided against the spring onion. Good to know a bit of ratio information and appreciate all the information you all share here at SMF. This place is great!

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice.
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Wow, I those look great. I agree you have started something here: "Pigs in a Canoe." I can just imagine all the folks here imagining what they can do with "Pigs in a Canoe." The variations are endless, but I might just start with your originals.
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A Fatty is a constant variable...
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