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mustard and jeff's rub. like the mustard as it will allow more of jeff's rub to adhere to the meat, mmmmmmmmm good.
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I didn't have a problem with it burning. I am using a cheapo Brinkmann electric, so it struggles to reach 240. Burning isn't an issue with it. If you are using lump or sticks then you might think about foiling earlier if you see the bark getting too barky. Once it goes in foil though, expect the bark to soften a lot.
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This may be a dumb question but if you coat the butt with mustard first is the rub even going to reach the meat?

Why not rub first them put some mustard on?
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Hiya Monsterbuck from another Iowan! Yes the rub will reach the meat, the mustard is just to help with adhesion. It essentially "cooks away" in the smoker and you are left with the meat, the rub, and a really nice bark on the outside....wink.gif

If you don't mind, why don't you shoot on into Roll Call and introduce yourself....cooking experience....type of smoker.....etc. This helps everyone here help you with any questions you have.....and we're nosey....heh.

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Im not nosey!....I just like to see what your smoking...and want to know why Im never invited!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Eric, thanks for the info. I'm kinda just a lurker right now, gathering info. I don't own a smoker yet and have never used one although I have tasted some awesome stuff some friends have done. I'm hoping to get a smoker and get started soon. Leaning toward the Masterbuilt Electric as I really need something low maintenance.
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