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Got a question for ya...

I've used mustard before applying the rub to butts, but I've never used it on ribs. Do any of you put mustard on your ribs, or do you just put the rub straight on?

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Lotsa folks in here do mustard the ribs before the rub. I personally don't, (but I do on butts) probably only because I didn't think to the first couple of times. But if ya do, it won't leave the taste.
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I use mustard on my ribs all the time. Not a problem and leaves no taste that I can tell.
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It's a personal preferance thing-some say it helps for the bark. If you use the regular plain yellow mustard, the mustard flavor cooks off and you won't taste it. I've used course ground brown mustard mixed with a bit of ground horseradish on butts and ribs before applying the rub. The heat of the smoker tempers the heat of the mustard and horseradish. Keeps things interesting.
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I'm with Dutch, mustard and horseradish on butts is really good. The mustard cooks off but the horsey sticks around and gives the bark a little more twang. Nothing too intense, but more noticable than mustard.
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I am with you. I use mustard only on my butts. I've never used it on ribs, but I might just try that.
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Mustard on everything here.
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I use mustard on my butts, but italian dressing on my ribs. Might have to try the mustard & horseradish, sounds good.
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I use the bigest cheapest bottle of store brand mustartd I can get, use it on both butts an ribs. Never seem ta be alotta leftovers.
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Use it on Butts as I like the extra bark I get, have tried a time or two on ribs but didn't really see a difference so now I don't.

I've been thinking about adding Horseradish to my rub, sounds like everyone is having good luck. Any problems with it burning?
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Cool. Thanks for all the fast replies guys! I appreciate it. I'll try to get a Q view up this weekend.
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Yes, try mayo as well

Fast Eddie (Maurin) has been known to use miracle whip. Whatever you do paint it thin! Do this make 2 racks or split a rack in 2. Do one with mayo and one with mustard. Which one is better? Hmm, maybe i'll do this experiment as well.

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I use mustard on ribs, and also olive oil. The vinegar in the mustard helps a little as a tenderizer, my butch said use olive to keep the rub on. I switch between the two.
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I did the mustard on 6 slabs of BB's last weekend. I used yellow mustard because most of the SmokeGods here use it. It worked out perfectly...beautiful bark/crust, no mustard taste AT ALL, and tenderized nicely.....Who the hell needs the Food Network when you have these guys to correspond to you personally. One on one. It don't get any better than this. Thanks Guys.
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I use it on everything...Its real good on Hotdogs as well...!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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try a certain dijon mustard, or even a honey dijon with the horseradish... mmmmm pork
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Koops mustard on the butts, never on the ribs.
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same here....never had a reason to "mess with perfection"
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The only time I use mustard is when I remember to put it on. Usually start putting on the rub then its too late. The mustard does help with keepping more rub on the meat.
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I used to use mustard but now I always use worchestershire sauce before the rub. Mmmm.
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