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Check in Kansas residents!

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I know we have members from Manhattan, which was hit with a tornado yesterday. Today there were reported tornados from Emporia clear up towards Kansas City. My family and I had some quality time in the basement today as a funnel cloud breezed on by us.

And to all our smoking brothers and sisters in the Great Plains, Northern Plains and Midwest, my heart is with you! We are suffering through some of the worst weather I have seen in all my life. Seems everynight this month there has been some sort of watch or warning posted.

Stay safe and keep an eye on the sky and your family!
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I'm not from Kansas, but close here in NW Mo. Last Thursday evening we had a twister 3 mi. west of town and one 1 mi. east of town at the same time. No one injured but lots of property damage and 3 semis over turned on the interstate. Late night that night as I am a storm spotter and vol. fireman. Then the flooding started. My wife and I have been checking the rivers on each side of town several time during the day and night. Mo. river is trying is darnest to get to town, but so far the levees have held the small rivers out, but Mo. river is backing in has several thousand acres under water about 3 miles west of town. Enough babbling, hope everyone else is safe. We are fine as long as the levees hold. Later Steve.
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Prayers out to you all!!
Please stay safe....
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yup our thoughts are with u all from allie and I-stay safe.
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Hope all is well ta the south folks.
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I live in Olathe. Watched on the news 3-4 tiny tornadoes touch down in Douglas County and NW Johnson county.
Interesting clouds by us, and lots of rock and roll...

Feel very sorry for our neighbors in Iowa. I was born and raised in Des Moines.
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Hey poolman had one touch down in salina we was lucky only tree damage but chapman is another story . all volinteir help accepted.icon_exclaim.gif
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Chapman is the definition of devestation. Very similar to Greensburg last year. Unbelievable destruction.
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it is great to see how people come togather in these situations. the sad part seems to take destruction to make this happen now days
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Howdy from Manhattan. F4 hit 3/4 mi. from our house. Very scary. Many homes gone and KSU campus got a hit. No deaths. Chapman about 30 mi. away got messed up. Some of our friends lots homes and vehicles. Crazy stuff.
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