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First Smoke...HELP

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Hey guys,

I just joined up the other day and I don't even have my smoker yet. My wife and kids bought me an electric smoker for Fathers Day. Well anyway, to make a long story short, my brother sent me home with a beef brisket. Am I crazy to do a brisket for my first try at smoking? Well just so happens I'm crazy enough to try it. I bought Jeff's Rub ans Sauce recipe yesterday figuring my first shot at smoking would be with ribs, but this brisket has made it's way to the front of the line.

HELP... I have never even seen a brisket before today let alone cooked one. Will Jeff's rub work, or should I be looking for something else. Just put it on the scale and looks like it's about 5 pounds. Aly tips, tricks you may have will be greatly appreciated.

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Here ya go Emile read this then come back and ask any questions you still have just click on the link

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Jeff's rub is good on anything! Read Piney's link he gave you and you will be fine. Be sure you season your smoker first!!! And make sure to post some pictures of the outcome.

BTW, welcome to SMF! Its a great place to learn and drool.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Welcome; I am almost as new as you with my first offset smoker. I'd say read all the threads about doing briskets and then if necessary draw up a plan. I have heard from some local Sedalia, MO smokers that thawing the brisket and getting it dry and putting rub over it and wrapping it in heavy duty plastic and letting it set in the fridge for a couple of days is a good thing. I plan on being ready to do a brisket soon. I purchased a remote BBQ thermometer so I can check the internal temperature of the brisket without opening the door. I also plan to foil it and bring it up the the reccommended temperature. I also plan on being able to put in my oven if the weather or anything else goes wrong. I also have a big cooler ready to rest the brisket. I am studying the different rubs and mops right now. You should probably do the same and maybe ask some local BBQ joints how they do it.
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Here is a recent post of mine it turned out great.


Good luck, I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the links guys. Seems simple enough. From what I gather, I should try to keep the temp in the smoker to about 225. I have read on-line that it should take roughly 1.5 hours per pound. Does that seem to be in the ballpark? Looks like I'm going to go ahead and use Jeff's rub recipie, but should I be looking for a marinade recipie as well?

Thanks in advance.
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225-250* is good
That is a basic time and is good unless you have a long plateau which sometimes happens just start early it can stay in a cooler for hours if wrapped in a towel or two
A spritz is a good thing in my mind. I start to spritz every hour after about the first hour and a half to two hours.
You could marinade or inject a marinade if you choose to its up to you

Jeff's rub is very good
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Oh by the way, we went out for lunch today to this new BBQ restaurant in town, and I had a brisket sandwich. Freakin awesome man. If mine turns out 1/10 as good I'll be one happy camper.
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Well Emile wait till you won't eat thier's cause you make better biggrin.gif
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Ok I talked the family into giving me the smoker a day early so I could get it seasoned so I can use it on Sunday. Problem is the instructions don't say anything about seasoning it. Any suggestions on how I should go about doing this?
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Hose down the entire inside with Pam or use a squirt bottle with some veggie oil. Get the smoke going, temp 250-300 and let her run for 3-4 hours. Done!
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What Jerry said! I won't hardly go to BBQ places anymore cause I get caught up in what they should have done instead of enjoying the meal!
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You'll be fine, follow some already good advice that others have posted. I'll be smoking a brisket also. Although I'm starting this afternoon so I know I get it done before tomorrow afternoon. I really dont want a whole bunch of people waiting around for the brisket to be done. Brisket in a restaurant, I've found, just doesnt do it justice. Seems they always cook it like it was a roast. You will definately like what you make yourself. If the first one doesnt taste as good the next one will taste better.
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Thanks guys.

I sprayed it with some vegetable oil and has been going for a couple hours now. I must say, I was surprised how quickly it got up to temperature. I also put some wood chips in the smoke box, but don't seem to be getting hardly any smoke. What am I doing wrong? Oh by the way, here's the smoker I've got. http://www.canadiantire.ca/browse/product_detail.jsp?postal=n8a3g1&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_ id=845524443295723&bmForm=form_set_price_list&bmFo rmID=1213479621911&bmUID=1213479621911&bmHash=3dcd 7879c6b78a7cc97d8c0a8f9d8df2d226f8fb
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If you can smell the smoke you have enough. You don't want thick rolling smoke

Can you smell it or see it sometimes?
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The only bit of smoke seems to be from the oil. I'm going to let it cool down and wipe it out to remove the excess oil and try again.
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I couldn't pull up the link to your smoker does the smoke box sit on the element or what?
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The smoke box sits right on the electric coil, but there is about a half an inch to of air space to where the wood goes. It looks exactly like the Masterbuilt electric smoker. I'm trying again now, should know shortly.
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Sounds good hope it works
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I smoke with electric also and I place my chip can on the element-if burns to fast than kilter it on the side.
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