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Ebay, Lang wanna be

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That crazy guy dropped his price!
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Those little smokers are so cool.....sure wish I had a welder. biggrin.gif
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Those are so cool PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Are there any Q comps in your area that you could trailer a few out and have one smoking away ? Gotta be some folks that will just "Gotta have that"
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Tiny! lol.
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Tiny , but cool and they work the same as the big boys , plenty of room for a rack , some abts and a fatty while the big smoker is doing its thing cool.gif
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Not really, thats the problem, here in Maine, there are very few who even get to eat "real" BBQ! I agree, that if someone could see it and touch it, it would be better:-)

Here is a new ad on EBAY with FREE SHIPPING! Pretty much giving it away considering labor:-)
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I am just wondering how much my back would hurt from bending down to cook on it. Can I put one on my key chain? There soooo cute!
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I agree,

I agree, thats why I put it on a table:-) You should see the size of my keychain!


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Could someone please help me understand the workings of this type of smoker? My question is about the location of the smoke stack, its on the same side as the fire box. I'm new to all of this so be easy biggrin.gif
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Its called reverse flow! It uses a continuous baffle that runs under the grates the length of the grates to the other side. If you use the search function at the top of the page, you will find alot of different threads to help you understand!icon_smile.gif
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Thanks Dan

Thanks Dan for replying, I have been away and have limited computer use where I am. would like to get back soon and participate more in SMF. Also, I miss my welder:-(

SBV32---Here is the link to how this mini was built,there are some pretty good other threads out there on reverse flows:-)

Building a reverse flow, miniature
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