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Green wood

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First want to thank everyone for all their help with us beginners,without you guys,this would be just another ok hobby( with you its a great and tasty obsession )
a friend is trimming his apple trees and offered me the trimmings( 3-4" thick branches).Any tips on using these or do they have to be dried first,and for how long.
Any help or advice ??
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In my opinion it should be dried first as to how long that will take there are just to many variables to say. If it were me I would split and stack it and put something over it to keep the rain off of it.
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What Piney said , unless you don't get much rain. Then just let in the sun and dry out. Maybe 2 months in the open.

Good luck!
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kinda what I figured,live in buffalo,we get rain,I 'll take the wood ( dont want to be, just store it for a while and keep it covered,should be ready by the time the stealhead run ( oct.. )
right ???
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would using wood that isn't completely dry kinda be like using soaked chips?
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If its split probably before that out in the heat
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I read on one of the posts on smf about drying it in the oven at low temps to speed up the process.................might help..........
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