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Some More!

Thanks to Lownslow and CDan, I have found a new favorite STEAK!

Just added S&P plus olive oil and garlic, smoked @ 300 for 45 min!


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thanks for the Q-view Steve, welcome to the chuck-eye addicts club!
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Nice, if you could only find them on a regular basis.
Thanks for the QVIEW.
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My thoughts on the Chuck-Eye. After I read this suggestion a while back I have been looking for Chuck-Eye steaks in the market "when I remember". Anyways my local Safeway had quite a few packs of them. So I decided to get a package of them and trusty Rib-eyes as well.

After marinating both the same way and grilling both the same way. I was mildly pleased with the result of the taste of the Chuck-eye. In my opinion they were a good alternative. However, I dont think they replace the flavor of a good ribeye.

Overall, my opinion was good steak but I'm not going to replace my ribeye with it.
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I just have to say that lil'smoker kix ***!!!
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Chuck eye's are GREAT! Thanks for the post OP.

I went into Jungle Jim's (Huge supermarket in greater Cincinnati that has everything imaginable) and looked around the meat dept for these bad boys. I almost picked up "Eye of Round." I couldn't remember the name "Chuck eye" initially. When one of the butchers came out I asked if he knows of a steak that is supposed to be the "best bang for the buck" and low and behold he said try these. He said exactly "some people call them the Poor man's Ribeye." I knew it had to be them.

I took 'em home, two big packs for $6, and fired up the grill. Hit 'em with some oil, kosher salt, fresh pepper and garlic then seared them over a High flame... Fiance and baby approved, there was no leftovers. I'll be buying them from here on out since I'm a poor man and can't afford my ribeyes.

Thanks again OP!
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I found some today at $4.99 a pound. Fantastic flavor!

Thanks for posting this info!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I just finished one and it was YUMMY!!! Grilled it on my Weber Genesis 320! Seared for a minute, turned 1/4 turn (for criss cross grill marks) and it was perfect!

Used "Mama Africa" from Cape Herb & Spice Company.

To order in the U.S.:


They have so many rubs and spices.

For Brisket and Chuck Roasts use the "Steak House" rub:

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In PA they are called " Chuck Delmonicos" only 4 steaks per Chuck piece, so ask butcher for it, you will not be sorry and sooooo cheap you will never buy Ribeyes again. I no longer eat steak at restaurants EVER!!!!!! I use smoke these at 250, for 30 minutes for med-med rare. Great snack waiting for larger longer smoking victims of your pit.

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Chuck Eyes are great for grinding for burger meat and meatballs for sandwiches. Yum. It is a very flavorful cut, but can have alot of silver skin that I cut out before grinding.

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