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fire in the hole .... both cow and bull are " beef " what you want to look for when buying " beef " is product from a steer in the 650 - 700 lb range , 325 / 350 lb/side ...aged a minimum of 14 days .... IMHO .[/quote]

Steer = bull castrated (before a year old I think.)
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guy's here's a couple links with good pics and descriptions of " chuck eye steaks " http://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/pdf/BeefCutsEn.pdf

and another


and yes Bubba they are for real biggrin.gif
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As you go up the loin of a bovine there is first the striploin then prime rib, next is the standing rib, then the chuck eye and finally the blade which turns into the neck. The large cut removed from the entire chuck for easy retail cutting of blade steaks is called the chuck eye roll(boneless). The first four steaks are the chuck eye steaks and are right after the last standing rib steak above the 4th rib. In Canadian retail cutting we simply call this a blade steak but someone in the know would recognize the better quality of these first four blade steaks. It is somewhat how a porterhouse a t-bone and a wingsteak can all be sold under the same name however are very different to look at. P.S. there are 8 per bovine (4 per side).
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Rocky mountain oysters

Icruzin.......yer right. The calves are d-nut'd at branding time up here in the north. We would brand calves in late spring after all the cows had dropped calves. And as for my statement of not cow and not bull, it's beef.......I mean.........on the hoof it's cow or bull, or evne steer. In the fridge, in/on the cooker, on the plate.........it's beef. Have I clarified myself??? I hope so.
Oh ya.......after a day off branding, the oysters went into the fire and the beer came out. Real redneck groceries.
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Chuck eye's are great and for th price you can't beat 'em. I call them " a poor man's ribeye.
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Looked tonight Nada! What a shame, maybe have to get there earlier. I once asked the butcher at Sam's and he told me it just depends on what head quarters send them.
I'll keep looking. I know a few guys there, one is a smoker icon_wink.gif maybe I'll put a bug in their ear and have him save them for me.
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I've never tried the oysters. Do they taste like chicken?eek.gif
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Agree 100%. These steaks are great! Throw them on a hot, hot grill and get a nice sear on both sides. Serve medium rare and they are out of this world.
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I was quite young then, and I had to try to be a man and eat those things with the rest of the crew, so it was more of, pop one in my mouth, chomp a couple of times, and swallow. They say that everything you can't describe tastes like chicken.........so........ya, it tastes like chicken. I suppose it should taste like bull. :-)
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Just found them here in Baton Rouge at Wal-Mart for $4.58 lb. 2 to a pack, and they had 6 packs. Bought based on this thead and will try tonight if weather holds out.

Thanks for heads up and I'll post when cooked.
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He he he....Rocky Mountain Oysters taste sort of like chicken. Although the texture is completely different. When we brand we dont even save them anymore. Guess the coyotes have a good feast that night.
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I just have to say THANKS to everybody who helped contribute to this post. I just called a butcher and he's gonna save me some Chuck Eyes!
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any chance that these are called chuck tender as well???
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Chuck eye's and Mock tenders are not the same cut.They both come off the chuck.
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thanks meatman they had mock chuck tenders, but no chuck eye... eyes wide open though, on the lookout.
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I'm so glad some of you all have tried them. For those that haven't yet, you are about to become addicts! We need a Q-view from the next to grill one up!
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OK, I am gonna grill some up in a few here. I first marinate them for an hr in soy sauce, then I sprinkle on the seasoning, tonights is Daddy hinkles, sometimes its my pork rub, or montreal steak seasoning.

For those who asked, here's a pic in the package. These are 5.49 but usually they are less than 5 bucks. These are angus, than means more money!

and out of the wrapper, nice marbling for a cheaper cut of meat.

I'll snap a pic after the grilling, but it really isn't anything great, just a grilled steak.

I did find bone in rib eyes for 5.99 a lb today, and will probably pick up a half of a roast(angus), and smoke it this week.

Hope ya like the pics!icon_smile.gif
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Well, I hope everyone is still interested, here they are dusted with daddy hinkles and on the ole Weber propane grill!

and just before the rescue and rest!

They turned out fantastic and very juicy. I had to have 2 cuz they was small!

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Very nice. Thanks for the QVIEW!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great job capitan danPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif It's nice to put a pic to all the posts, thanks
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