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Check out "Chuck eye steaks"

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My friend turned me on to these steaks and they are increadible. They are not well known because there are only 4 on a cow. They are also called Butchers steaks because butchers would often keep them because they aren't that big and aren't worth the trouble of labeling only 4 from an entire cow.

They are great grilling steaks, nice and fatty, good beef flavor and the best part is they are really cheap ($3-$6/lb). Very similar to a porterhouse or T-Bone in quality and flavor. If you just look at what is put out you usually won't find them, you have to ask.

So ask your butcher for some chuck eye steaks, grill them up and report back here. I promise you won't be disappointed!
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Any specifics?

What and where exactly are they cut from the bull? I notice you mentioned cow, is this steak only from milking cows---LOLOLOL!? Any diagrams as to where this special steak is cut from? Do you have a picture of one? Many of us can tell by a pic what cut it is---but if it is part of the chuck, I am thinking it wouldn't be consistent with a good grilling steak.

Let us know what ya find out:-)
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good stuff

I can attest to lownslow's observation of the chuck eye steaks. They ain't cow and they ain't bull.....they are beef. And they are a very tasty steak done on the grill. If you have access to them, get some and apply your favorite seasonings and grill hot'n fast. They are good eat'n.
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Sorry I don't have a pic of one. Next time I get one I will add it to this thread.

I understand your suspision with the word "chuck" in the name. Chuck is of course the front shoulder and upper leg of a cow that is tough and ground for hamburger. The muscles aren't tender enough to make a decent grilling steak.

From what I understand this comes from the front armpit area. I just can't remember more specifics about which muscles/bones it attaches to. I did not ask which sex of bovine this comes from. I assumed both.

For what it's worth, I have been an avid cook for decades and I know my meat. This is a very good grilling steak and can be found under the name "chuck eye steak". It's one of the best values you can find. Really, give it a shot, it blew my mind.

If you think I am wrong please post here and save other people the trouble. If you like them let people know they are worth a try.
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if i memory serves right (I used to be a meat cutter) the chuck eye is between the chuck and the rib, actually the small part of the rib eye, so your looking at basically a poor mans ribeye. those things would be snatched up as soon as they hit the counter. occasionally if a store has chuck steak and/or roast on sale they may have a bunch depending on how they cut their meat. most places would probably save them for you if you ask, but you will need to ask a day or more ahead, this isnt the kind of cut that they can just go and cut you 10 steaks, as lownslow said, you only get 2-4 per cow. but if you ask a few days ahead, they may save them for you, just be extremely nice to the cutter or meat dept. manager and you may find a hookup for life.
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I have gotten them at Sam's Club once in a while very rare. Nice and marbled I can't remember what they call them, chuck something. There are usualy 1 or 2 pakages available.

I would love to find some and try a low temp smoke and finish on the Webber. I'll start looking for them again.

Thanks for the reminder. They are great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I would expect to see it here....but i don't!
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I actually have a Chuck Eye Roast I'm going to smoke this weekend. Since I keep Kosher, this is a rare treat indeed. The Chuck Eye is from the front of the cow, the front leg area.

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I am still a meat / cutter / dept manager .... and Boston is right on with this explaination ..." get to know your meat cutter / manager '

fire in the hole .... both cow and bull are " beef " what you want to look for when buying " beef " is product from a steer in the 650 - 700 lb range , 325 / 350 lb/side ...aged a minimum of 14 days .... IMHO .
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RonP -
did Sam's call em "chuck eye"? SORRY I reread. Just ignore
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Well c'mon Tim, are these steaks for real and where do the come from?? confused.gif
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No they had some off the wall name for them, if I didn't figure it out for myself I would be lost. I pretty much can figure out what they are selling and what they call it.

Anymore, you don't know what they are fudging for the names. Meat cutters are just that anymore, It is hard to find a true butcher. Now if you are able to break a half of beef down into all the primal cuts and seperate the rest you can be considerd a butcher IMHO.
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Sweet info...........
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I get chuck eyes around here weekly, and thats all the steak I ever buy, the others are too rich for my blood. They come off the small end of the
chuck rolls. They are excellent steaks although usually not large. I can feed four people steak at my house for less than 9 bucks.
I was hoping to keep it a secret!eek.gif
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SMF never stops teaching!

SMF never stops teaching! Alright LOWNSLOW, I believe you now!!!

I still want to see it and cook it, so I am on the hunt---Can't wait to find one. I guess it ain't one of the Milking Utters, huh?

I know Dan will find a picture for us :-)

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I would bet that they are also known as "flatiron steaks". These are cut from a muscle in the shoulder and are the second most tender muscle in the beef carcass if I remember correctly.
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Boston has it nailed... Small part of the ribeye, they have them here at our local grocery everynow and then and when you can get them grab them. They are great...
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Interesting....next time we butcher I think I'll talk to the butcher and see if he'll cut me some chuck eye steaks. Thanks for the info.
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Lucky for you the members are spread across the country.
Where do you get em?
(if, of course, you wouldn't mind sharin)

Here is one of Derricks articles on what is a CHUCK EYE?
Chuck Eye Steak

h1 = document.getElementById("title").getElementsByTagN ame("h1")[0];h1.innerHTML = widont(h1.innerHTML);By Derrick Riches, About.com
Filed In:
1. Beef
2. > Steaks
3. > Steak Glossary
Definition: The Chuck Eye Steak is cut from the chuck eye roast (Chuck Primal), lower down from the rib primal. This means that this steak is a similar cousin to a Rib-Eye Steak, but isn't as tender or flavorful. A good lower cost alternative but will dry out quickly.
The Chuck Eye Steak is best braised to keep it moist, but is also good grilled or broiled, provided care is taken not to over cook it. This steak is best served Medium Rare. Anything above medium will need a sauce or steak topper.
Also Known As: Boneless Chuck Fillet Steak, Boneless Chuck Slices
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Funny you should say that we eat them here every week, and last night was the night. Next time I get some I'll snap a pic for ya.

I get them at my local hardings, but they don't have them everyday.I must just time it right!hehehe.
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