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A tastey alternative to chicken and dumplings

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Well after our brief power outage and some generator problems I had a few partially thawed items in the freezer. I had the last pack of smoked turkey and some pierogies ( Mashed potatoe and chedder ). Well I decided to create something as usual. My wife says the turkey is a bit on the chewy side so I decided to boil it along with the pierogies for maybe 15 minutes. In the mean time I made a roux ( I didn't use a recipe but had to look in the book for the correct spelling) In the mellted butter I added a couple cloves of chopped garlic and a half a small onion then let it go a bit and added some flour, browned that and then added milk and salt n pepper. Greased a casserole dish with pam and with a slotted spoon added the meat and pirogies, covered with sauce and a sprinkle of paramasean, and baked at360 for 20 mins. This tasted like good chicken and dumplings to me and the next time I make it will add some celery and maybe carrots.
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Yummy, it's good to be creative. You never know what you can invent.
I love pierogies. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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my wife doesn't like for me to experiment ...but for me i think thats fun because you never know when something going to be a hit and becomes a regular on the meal list....looks good great job using the noggin
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I love pierogies....great idea White Cloud!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the info. Sounds great.
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Sounds like a real lemonade out of lemons deal to me.Very creativePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm a perogie fan too. That sounds wonderful.
I'm gonna try it.
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Sounds good may have to try that
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Comfort food

OMG Yummy ~ pirogies
I had a friend in Jr. high school whos mum made them from scratch....sauted in butter..I have had many since, but none as tastey as Ma's...
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That is a great idea WC. Sounds like that might work with some smoked sausage too.
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