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Side shelves

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Question, I have come to find out that probably my next mod must be side shelves. I have been just wheeling the smoker up next to the grill but not crazy about that. I saw Trent's mod posted on 6/1. I really like his and they look great. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifBut to be honest my gosm purchased at $150 roughly is quickly climbing to be much more of an investment than I started with. icon_wink.gifI enjoy doing the mods-that's part of the fun.But I just wondered if anyone else came up with an idea that would come in under the $36 that Trent spent because I also plan on doing the stack mod that travcoman did.

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2 4" shelf brackets and a piece of wood for a shelf.......$10.00 maybe??
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That's what I did last weekend to my little electric. I've had the brackets forever and just cut a piece of wood the width of the smoker. Drilled the holes in the side and used rivets. Thought they would hold better then screws. We'll see.
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I'd simply buy one of these 4 foot work tables from Kmart. Not only are they great for BBQ, they have tons of other uses. $30 well spent. Go ahead and buy 2 of em (you'll find dozens of other uses).

They are especially great for meat preperation because you can raise them up to a nice 36" counter height (helps the back sooooo much).

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