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The cut looks like a bottom flat (outside round). Things are named differently here so i was a little confused. Here a london broil is tenderized flank steak wrapped around sausage meat and sometimes bacon, tied and cut into medallions.
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Nice steak Ron PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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Flank steak is usually used for London Broil. Not an expensive cut of meat, but growing up as a youth, in my house, it was a treat

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icon_smile.gif Thank you. I was running out of contact strengths. I still had to use readers at times. Not today, nice. The LB was Awsome.

Well tonight she decided to have a Sammie. Guess what? I asked her if she wanted me to reheat it or eat it cold. She says cold.icon_surprised.gif

Here it is sliced, if that aint rare, I don't know what is. I have been telling for years that if she was blinfolded she would love it. Maybe her vision was bad tonight. icon_smile.gif

Flash saidNow, the big grocers turn any crap into a fancy name. Yes, the original london broil was Flank steak. Now, flank steak is expensive probably 4 + a pound here anyway, years ago it was an inexpensive cut, just to get rid of them. They used to make pinwheel steaks out of them and roll them up and put a wood skewer threw them. No more, at least here. The butchers of today only know how to open a bag and slice. When I was young I worked next to a, what they called a breaker. They would get in tons a day of hinds and fore quarters and break them down into primal cuts and then Cryovac them. I used to walk the cooler and pick a hind quarter and have them cut me out a short loin or a rib from the fore quarter. Those were the days. Our company used beef navels, I think they were like 30 cents a pound, and on occasion I would find some skirt steaks in there and make them for lunch. They were similar to a flank and very tasty.

Anyway thanks to everyone for following this post, been fun.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Flank Steak

At Sam's today they were $5.87. I can get NY Strips and Ribeye both bone in for 4.99 or less on sale this week. I will be getting a couple Rib Eyes about 1' thick. Low temp and short smoke then on the Weber For a few on each side.
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