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LB W Qview Blow By Blow

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Hi everyone!
Well, I had an eye operation today (Cataract). Everything went well. I had to wait in the holding room for 1 1/2 hours, I was Pi$$ed. The operation couldn't have taken 10 minutes. But I am over it now I am also able to read without contacts already. icon_smile.gif I had to come home early and I knew it ahead of time so pulled out a LB from the freezer to give me something to do. icon_wink.gif

I think it was a 4 + pounder. I marinated in Teriyaki, garlic powder, lemon pepper, and sea salt.

I then fired up the Webber and seared it nicely, I always try and sear.

Into the smoker it went.

Here it is about 2 hours later, at 120'. and a spritz of apple juice.

While doing that I wanderd into the chat room. There were only 2 chatters Pinney and Sumo, at that time, but before long there were 14, including the Master Smoker of this site, none other than Jeff himself. What a privelige.

It was a pleasure to meet all of you.

Thanks all, I'll be continuing this post with the results. I think I'll pull at 130' as I like my red meat medium rare, and we won't be eating it tonight. Leave myself some room for reheating.

Hope you enjoy!!
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Looks great so far I'll be looking forward to updates
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Ron, congratulations on the surgery! Glad all went well for ya.

Your Qview looks awesome...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great job and qview with only 1 eye....biggrin.gif
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Thank you, I just edited it. I can't believeI can read wthout a contact already, it is great.
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That just amazes me!! Awesome!smile.gif
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Lol, I'll post the results soon!
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Great LB ron! Got two under my belt now, wife said each time, was the best beef yet, thanks to the LB!!!!! Been married only 6 years...
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Wife said it's a little raw, I said Yes but when I reheat it it will be fine. Then she asked for more. She loved it!!

Go figure!
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Thought mine was funny!!!
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LB is one of the few cuts I find is much better on the rare side I usually like med but find this cut gets to tough for me when brought to med. Just my two cents worth.
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These wiffy things are always funny. They just don't understand.icon_smile.gif Until they taste it.icon_surprised.gif
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Yes, they can be tough, that's why I pull them early. It will be a little tough I'm sure. Sliced thin is the answer. If I have to pull out the slicer I will.
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I figure you can always make it more to medium or well done by reheating it but you can't reverse a welldone piece of meat.,
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Excellent. I pull mine at 130º also, wrap, then rest for an hour. Try finding some Mojo Crillio sometime and use it as a marinade. Outstanding on beef. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the tip.

Here's the finished deal. Nice and juicy.

Oh, as a side note went for a follow up for my surgery this AM. Perfect job, 20 20 vision out of that eye.

Thanks for reading and sharing my QVIEW.
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This may sound dumb... Well I'm sure it sounds dumb, butu what is an LB? confused.gif Little brisket?

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I'm going to guess it's London Broil, gets me confused as London Broil isn't actually a cut of meat but a cooking method. Top Round is what it normally is :)
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Looks like ya had yourself a successful LB smoke, ronp! The qvue looks great and hope it tasted just as awesome!

Congrats on the 20/20 results !!
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Nice smoke you had there.
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