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Which butt do you prefer? - Page 2

Poll Results: Butt with bone or without

  • 91% (207)
    With Bone
  • 8% (20)
    Without Bone
227 Total Votes  
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As an old-timer told me more than once: "got to burn some bones to get the flavor".

Yessirree. Bone in all the way!
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Bone in here too. As Capt says, a good indicator of doneness.

Steve, Someone here has this in their salutation. Very funny. Flower Pot Smoker guy I recall.
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sorry to say flyin', you're going to have to change your avitar! being a die hard PSU fan, i despise all big 10 teams (especially michigan and ohio state...which doesn't work to well for me being stationed in buckeye territory) icon_evil.gif !!!!!! haha, just messing w/ ya. i was actually hoping they would have won the rose bowl last year.

and yes, i like big butts and i cannot lie, but all you other brothers can't deny either!!!!
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Bone in all the way! for 2 reasons.
1) Boneless is more expensive
2) Bones pack plenty of callogen (pig jello, the juicy stuff that makes butts yummy)
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Bone in !

We used to say, "The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat".

So, no bone?----Not as sweet.

Not the original meaning, but this IS a family site!

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So I see it it s pretty much unanimous for with the bone.... The score is 142 to 15. I am curious about those who prefer without the bone. why that preference?
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Bone in. Aside from the flavor issue and what that adds to the drippings, I figure that by removing the bone and tying the meat back together you're just giving bacteria a chance to get to the middle of the meat - which I don't want on a slow smoke on a big piece of meat! icon_wink.gif
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Definitely Bone in.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Bone in all the way here! Back when I was just starting this obsession, about 6 years ago, went into the most popular butcher shop around here to get some bone-in pork butt. Butcher tells me "We don't get it that way, what you want that for?"

I go "Can you order me some?"

"Nope. Use boneless, it's better."

I have not set foot in that attitudinal shop since. And I'm better for it.
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If I'm doin pulled pork, with the bone, butt I use boneless fer Mahogany shoulder bacon an hams.
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Bone in Butt! Easy and delicious! When it slips out,pull 'er and enjoybiggrin.gif
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What ever my wife buys me. She's a great shopper with an eye for a sale.
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bone In!!!!!!!!!!!
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bone in

I'm all for bone in, I think you get more flavor.
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Being Facetious I'd say..............

The one on Shakira or perhaps Jen Annison. biggrin.gif

For smoking meat purposes bone in for flavour. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i've only done bone in so really cannot comment about without it
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