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Memorial Day Smoke- Finally

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Hi everyone,

I finally am able to post this.
Had a hard time posting the pictures at first.

Here's the results of my Memorial Day smoke.
This was my inaugural cook on the Brinmann Square Vertical.
Had a heck of a time holding the temps.
This was also my first fatty!

First smoke on the Brinmann-

Fattys went in first-

Ribs foiled at 3 hours-

Fatty's and Smoked Beef cubes-

Cream cheese and Pineapple Fatty on left, Cheddar and Jack Cheese fatty on right-

St. Louis cut Pork and Beef back ribs-

Made a few mistakes and, thanks to this forum, know what to do next time.

Holy Smokes
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Congrats on your smoke, looks like everything turned out pretty well! May I suggest making the pictures a wee bit bigger in size when importing them into the post? I wanna get a peek at the smoke ring on the fatty biggrin.gif
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lookin real good. congrats on the smoke
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Looks real good there.....Pineapple and cream cheese fatty mmm....I really like the sound of that'd it turn out? May have to try it.
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pineapple & and cream cheese sounds real goood..almost like a dessert fatty....hmmmmmm ****** drool *********icon_smile.gif
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meat for desert......could there be anything better?
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Don't worry about a few mistakes,we've all made them.The good thing is that we can eat our mistakes.biggrin.gif
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The best thing about mistakes is that we learn and get a "do over" most of the time, then there is that one mistake that morphs into the best dish ever!!!
Great Q-VUE
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Hey, looks good! You may have noticed mistakes but I bet your guests didn't!! Agree with sumo - Q-view a bit small... We like the details up close!!
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