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1st seared brisket in the works now!

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After reading about the brisket throwdown last week, I had to try one. I bought a small 5 lb. flat, seasoned it up and just got through searing it. Final temp after the sear was 135 degrees. I'm planning on taking it to 170, foiling and finishing off in the oven to a final temp of 200 or 205.

I've got some country style pork ribs to throw on in about an hour and a half.

Here are a couple of pics before and after the sear.
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Looks good so far GT keep the Qview coming biggrin.gif

I see your going for more Sumo's sear job then Bob's I might would have a hang up searing it as much as he did too but he and others have said it does turn out great.

Are you spritzing it and if so with what?
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looks great! good luck and let us know how it turns out!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You got that right Piney. Bob's sear scared me just a little. Maybe I'll be braver on my next one depending on how this one turns out.

I'm currently not planning on spritzing with anything. Just bring it slowly up to 170 then wrap and finish off in the oven.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif good luck and keep the Qview coming
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lookin good so far, keep us that havent stepped up to the brisket yet informed and more qview please. thks
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Searing has great results on briskets. More for packers than just flats.

Searing on a gasser doesn't provide as good of result as hot coals.
You want the fat to drip down and get that fire blazing till the brisket black all over.

You will also get a better out come if you use foil pans instead wrapping in foil.
All the juices will collect in the pan as the brisket cooks in it and dripping in your smoker or escaping the foil.
It's also good to save the Au Jus it creates to baste the slices before you serve.

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I didn't have the option of searing over coals this time. I was hoping the fat cap would provide "fuel for the fire" to get it going. It worked OK but not that nasty, out of control fire you can get with coals (like the one in your pic, that's awesome).

Instead of foiling, I'll use a large pyrodex dish then cover with foil. That should allow me to keep all the drippings the brisket creates.

Just a little longer and I can put the pork on.
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I foiled the brisket about 7pm then stuck it in the oven so it could get to 205. Here are the final pics once it came out of the oven and a few after it had been sliced.

I was really impressed with the taste of the brisket. I was a little scared after the searing but it turned out great. Don't be afraid, try one for yourself!!!!
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Those pictures are fantastic. Now I'm really motivated to try a brisket. My wife has been just luke warm about my first two smokes. But I know she likes brisket. I have a gosm. Probably won't be able to sear like you all with the wood and charcoal burners. Thanks for showing your progress and the final results.

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Nice and juicy but I can't bring myself to sear one. I only do packers so maybe I'll get a small flat and try it once. Again good job!
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Thanks Crock. That's why I chose this smaller brisket. The whole searing idea scared the fire out of me. However, it really turned out well. Nice and juicy with a really good flavor. Don't be afraid! If the outside is too done for your liking, trim it off and eat the rest of the brisket. But, i think you'll like it!
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Looks awesome and I'm sure tasted better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks real GOOODDDD.. Nice Smoke
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Way to dive in on the brisket gt! Looks real good!!
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I refrigerated it after I sliced it the other night. I heated it up last night along with some baked potatoes and it was awesome! Not a single piece left. Another smoking success!
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