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stuffed pork loin filleting tips

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how are you opening up those loins to stuff? Are you starting wuth a cut about an inch in and just keep going utill the whole thing is opened up?

these look delicious and I am wanting to try one
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thanks alot that just about said it all
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Video for butterflying

Good video for learning how to butterfly a loin for stuffing:

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Start with a sharp knife, pull it long ways along the edge with about 3/4 to 1 inch thickness. Make short shallow slices---you can always make your cut deeper but never shallower. I just followed those basic steps until I had it unrolled.
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I once saw a Youtube video demonstrating this process but no longer have the link.
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I posted wrong URL for video on butterflying a loin. Try this:
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Pork Loin Stuffed

Carpetride, the loin was fantastic. I smoked it for 3 hours and removed it at IT 155 and let it rest for 20 min. I did a have a couple of comments that the meat was too smokey. I normally smoke everything I cook for the entire time it is in the smoker with hickory chips. I've read some blogs that you should not smoke the entire time the meat is in the cooker. Do you have any comments on this? Thanks
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I haven't had any problems with too much smoke but I either use my Pellet grill or I am using lump charcoal. I have wondered if using briquettes wouldn't have a significant impact on this. I have used briquettes one time (Kingsford Competition) and that was the first thing that I noticed...about ten times more smoke rolling out of the Stumps. I wasn't displeased with my results but wasn't pleased enough to switch from using Lump charcoal. Personally I'm always smoking during my cook.
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Carpetride, I use a propane smoker and hickory chunks. I posted a question on the general forum board about how much to smoke. All replies said I was probably over smoking the meat (amount of smoke - not temp, time cooked or time smoked). See the posts I received:

In the past I maintained a heavy, thick, stream of smoke the entire time the meat was in the smoker. It appears "thin blue smoke" is preferred vs. a heavy stream. Smoking the entire time the meat is in the smoker is OK as long as the stream of smoke is not heavy.
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On the smoke thing... remember..... less is best. Even if you want a really smoky flavor... you should do that with a stronger wood... not thicker smoke. For example... apple wood smoke isn't going to get stronger if you burn it thicker ... it's going to get bitter with too much smoke.

Krusher.... on the loin thing... it's like filleting a fish. You just work it down a little at a time until you have a flat piece of meat. The more you do it the better you get at it. Good luck.
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Yes I agree, TBS is what you want and assumed that is what you had. I'll take a look at your thread.
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