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boston butt on the gosm maiden voyage with q-view

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hello everyone as posted yesterday I got my gosm in from walmart site to store, seasoned it, and at 3 a.m. I put its first viictim on,,, an 8lb. boston butt. am going to try to have q-view with it.

so here goes and wish me luck, any pointers along the way would be welcome.

I think I'm supposed to wait about two hours befor sprayin with apple juice, so the bark will start to form,, is this correct
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I don't spray mind down at all. Let go til internal temp reaches 165 to 170 and foil til 195 and let rest in cooler wrapped in a towel for an hour or to. I even wait til they hit 195 and foil then let rest in the cooler for an hour or 2. I usually run my temps between 250 and 275 also. It will speed up your cook a bit. I would take notes so you can refer back from cook to cook.
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so I should foil this when it gets around 170? then take it to 200, right?

also, is it alright to use more than 1 type of wood to flavor? I was thinking about using hickory to start and changing to some of the jack daniels oak chips.
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hello, butts been on for almost 3 hours now, been keeging smoker a 250.

internal temp it 113, is it normal to be there already?

Is the hard part yet to come?
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The hard part is waiting!! You'll also encounter a temp stall and be tempted to take it to the oven.....don't. It's going to happen and just ride it out.
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Sounds about right. Usually get to around 150o in about 6-8 hours and then hit the plateau for a couple hours then on to 200o. They're all a little different.
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Lot of people including myself mix wood ( hickory, apple, maple ect.) it's a matter of tast or prefrence.
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well I think that the game has just begun,, it seems to have stalled, it stayed on 142 for about 45 minutes, just went back out 1 hour later and its 143, looks like the waiting game has just begun.icon_evil.gif
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Krusher looks like yo are doing well, I start spritzing after about the first hour with cherry juice and captian morgans spice rum. The last one I done I smoked with Apple and Alder and I tink it was the best I have done so far..
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Looks good so far I too start the spritz after the first hour an a half or so then every hour till it reaches 165 then foil it spritzing well just before foiling and take it on up to 200 then rest an hour or two and pull it. Don't forget the finishing sauce
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looking good. i just did my first butt yesterday and loved it. the stall sucks, but if you wait it out you'll appreciate it more!
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are you going by the guage on the door(the one in your avatar), it may not be correct with the temps on the grate where the meat actually is.

I bet you are very anxious, please be patient, and try to keep the door closed as much as possible. If you foil at 160-170 internal, it should be foolproof. You can learn from this smoke, and adjust to your taste/tenderness preferences.

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Hey krusher congrats on your first smoke wink.gif. Of course all the info is great. I just want to give you a heads up on your water pan. Next time b4 smoking wrap it up in heavy duty tin foil then add your water ect. Makes clean up a breeze wink.gif . Again congrats on the smoke PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hello, she's up to 159 now. Ill get some more pics when I bring it in to foil.

yes I am using the thermo. in the door, I have the rack basically at the same level as the probe that comes out of the door. I wanted to get a dual zone thermometer but they did'nt have them at lowes.

should have bought two digitals ?
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Hey , 10-4 on foiling the water pan, it was a hectic night and just did'nt think to do it.

but thanks for the tipPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yea you can never have enough thermometers and the ones on the door are usually way off
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I just had a thought, when I bring this thing in and foil it I'm going to have to poke a hole in the foil to put the thermometer in. is'nt this a bad thing?
Should I just not put it in and check it a couple hours later?
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No the probe will kinda plug the hole just don't do it low where the juice will leak out and don't forget the spritz or mop as your foiling it
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i wrapped the foil around the part of the probe that was sticking out. that way i didn't have to worry about taking it out, then putting it back in when it was foiled.
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alright here it is temp is 167, just put in foil and set the temp alarm for 200
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