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Nice fatty.
Love breakfest fatties. I did one a while back with JD reg, scambbled eggs, hormel corned beef hash, and pepper jack cheese.
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Good job on the first fatty, looks awesome. Breakfast fatty is on my someday list.

Do try an italian sausage fatty, the wife and i prefer them to regular sausage. Have done one with just green chillis, pepperjack and garlic. Then on Sunday tried a pizza-esque fatty. Italian saus, pepperoni, canadian bacon, Italian 6 cheese blend and garlic and onion spag sauce. It was good but next time would leave out the sauce and go with more cheese.
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That sounds great Tee,
I'm going to try it this weekend!
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No problem KC.

The only reason i'd leave out the sauce is because it all got absorbed into the meat. Tasted good but made it a little mushy!!

When i get home i'll get some pics posted. I took the pics but haven't really had time to post yet.
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Wow, I've never heard of a fattie. Will have to try it. What is the cooking time in the smoker usually for one????
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About 2 hours. You can stuff them with almost anything you like. And the outside should be a pound of sausage or ground meat. Just be careful that you don't overstuff it! eek.gif
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What KC said , internal temp into the low 160's F
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Oh yeah...forgot that part. Thanks 1894!
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I did a breakfast fatty this past weekend. I sliced some left over salt potatos, 8oz can of sliced mushrooms and some cheddar cheese. After rolling and smoking to 160-165 degrees I let it rest while frying some eggs sunny-side up. Sliced the fatty and topped with a fried egg. It was excellent. A friend of mine even stuck that between two slices of toast!
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That sounds great! My list of fatty "To Dos" has gotten huge! And to think I resisted the fatty craze?
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KC, I have definitely enjoyed some a lot more than others. This was by far the best one I have made. And should have made two!!
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i have never heard of a fattie i will have to try this out for sure..... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job! After checking all this goodness on the fatties I will have to try to make one
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Very nice, KC.
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