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Q view from today pork and chicken

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this is my butt that i did last night it smoked for 15 hours finale temp of 195 what i did was musterd and then the rub the well so let the Q view begin

now this one is leting the rub set up

now the next one here is the chickens i did ....what i did was a beer can chicken but with a pop can and apple juice and rubed wiht butter and then some of jeffs rub ....and please note the VERY even rub distribution biggrin.gif lol ya right

this is the set up after about 10 hours of smoking ....and the chicken was on for about 4 hours just befor i took the chicken off

i think most people can tell what this one is

this is the chicken after i shredded it

this is the butt after i took it off and rested it for 2 hours and ever after the rest in the cooler it was still 175 lol thats hot

yumm pork

then this is the drippings for the pork i porr some of this over the meat wiht the finishing sauce

and that was my day ......15 hours of watching the smoker smoke .................a vary fun day
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Congrats on a great smoke, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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7, Everything looks amazing!!! Especially the chicken!! Gotta give you some points!!!
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ya i have made the chicken 2 times now and poeple where saying today that is my specialty i thought the pork was so good but ya im good at the chicken
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and one more thing i sprayed apple juce on them to 2 tiems in the smoker
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butt's and naked bird's oh my goodiness.....and why only 7outof10 look's like you rocked that one helluva good dude . i say you have made a nice batch of vittles there man and great qview presentation !!
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hey that an upside-down muffin pan in the butt tin ? awesome idea to keep the meat above the juices while still collecting flavor's !!!
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yes it is ..........but its not my idea i found it on here .........i think it was in something jeff wort
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Looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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greatjob on the thred taking us from start to finish with great qview, great job!!!
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Great Qview thanks!
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ya my wife had to help me with the post not that good on these things
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