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Monday's Dinner, Day from hell!

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after getting off work this morning at 0630, i decided to come home and catch a short nap and then get up and tinker w/ the smoker. i knew i didn't have much gas left, but had enough to try and get some settings down. this is were the day started to go downhill. while taking my digital therm. outside to get some readings, my son ran into me knocking out of my hand. the unit hit the patio and cracked wide open. no big deal, had a backup that i bought the other day. pulled that out and the unit wouldn't sync to the base. GREAT icon_rolleyes.gif so i decided to play around anyway and was able to get some constant temps by using the door gauge. got it down to 190 (and this was in the middle of the day) giving it about turning it 1/4 turn from the off setting (although i wasn't gettin much smoke) and got a constand 225-250 range using the low setting (i kept messing w/ the damper to raise and lower the temps). while all this was going on, i decided to take some my large hickory chunks and chop them into smaller pieces. while doing this, my hatchet pierced the edge of a piece and came down right onto my thumb! thankfully my hatchet wasn't too sharp, so i only took a chunk of skin out instead of loosing a thumb.

so my wife tells me to return the one therm. that wouldn't sync. so i take it back to wally world and they're out of them! i did get my money back, but will have to try and find another one tomorrow. when i get home, she has a very nice suprise for me....a 5 lb pork butt sitting on the counter! just got done rubbing it up, got a beer in me, so now my day is much better! sorry for the long post, just had to vent! without further ado.....the qview!

the butt

the rub

the butt rubbed

and ill be spraying it withapple juice and rum...yum!
more to follow tomorrow, especially since it's my first butt and the maiden voyage for the gosm!
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well sounds like the day should end well. the meat looks ready to go..I hate loosing a thumb..
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We all have days like that. Lucky for the thumb, they don't smoke well, and they can be chewy.icon_smile.gif
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Had them day's myself. All well that ends well. Are you changing your screen name to " Lefty"? icon_smile.gif
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haha, as tempting as it is to change it, i think i'll keep this one cause if i could grill all day, i def. would!
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as late of a start you got, ya might change it to "grillin half the night"!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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temping, but i got it sitting in the fridge right now absorbing the rub, and will go on tomorrow after breakfast.
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sounds like a more sensable plan for sure. Good luck with that Pork! I'll have to check in after work and see how ya did!cool.gif
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got kind of a late start on it this morning since no one in town had any of the therm. i was looking for, except the last place i looked. unfortunately, it wasn't a wireless one, so i have to keep going back outside to check the temps. so i'll be ordering on online i guess, lol. so it's been in for about 30 mins now and holding a constant 225 so i couldn't be happier! pics to follow soon!
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Put a little rub on that thumb and you'll be good to go. Tried to think of a digit joke but couldn't come up with one.
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here's one....what do you call an idiot with half a thumb?

ME!!!!! haha (although i didn't cut half it off) at least i have a sense of humor about it now, lol.

but back to the subject, just put my mop on it 15 mins ago and saw that my box was not smoking at all...i couldn't even smell smoke. so i took it out, and placed in my ss box that i got at lowes that i used on my grill. i've always had good success with it at the 225-250 range, so we'll see how it goes. after all, this is what the first butt's all about....experimenting!
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Sounds good , and keep taking pics if you are PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
The adding a little rub to that thumb is good advice , the salt will help remind you in the future of oopies from the past ( don't ask me how I know PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif )
Good luck , sounds like you are doing fine PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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haha, happend last night when i was doing the rub. the rub made its way into the bandaide and got me....talk about burn!

and now for a teaser pic PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

this is after 2 hrs and just got done spraying it w/ apple juice and rum. smoker is running about 235 to 250 now on low, so i see i will have to takle that problem (hopefully this weekend) to get it down to 225. the internal temp is 131 as of now.
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Lookin forward to the pixs "Lefty" . I use that same ss smoke box from lowes and love it.
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ahh, my new annointed nickname? hehe, i kinda like it icon_smile.gif
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I thought I had a joke about digit amputation in my illustration file, but I "couldn't put my finger on it."

Looks Good! I'd give it at least 1 1/2 thumbs up.
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PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif keep'em coming
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There ya go!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifYou "nailed" it!
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Sounds like your temps are fine PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Plateaue comming up , mayby a few of those salt / lime / tequila shots to help you relaxe and let that smoker do it's thing PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Whilst yer watchin that TBS take some time and see if you can change around the " how much wood could a woodchuck chuck , if a wood chuck could chuck all day long ."....... To "How much grillin could grillin all day grill if grilllin all day could .........."

Dang heat , aint used to this up here icon_evil.gif
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