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New to the forum

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Hello eveyone.
Im new to the forum, but not new to smoking...
Been doing it for a few years now. I have a 3 units. A brand new standard webber kettle, a Charbroil smoker with a side fire box and a Great Smokey Mt. Outoors propane unit. I just got the GSM, and I have to say I am not a big fan of it so far. Got it off Craigs List for a song.
I am a big fan of heavy heavy smoke flavor. The low and slow way..
I am currently doing some terryaki garlic / pineapple pork on the new webber to break it in. Indirect heat with hickory wood and charcoal.
Gonna have a Luau next in 2 weeks and I am trying some Hawaiian style recipes.

Anyway. I hope I can learn from some of you and I will pass on my knowlwdge if I can... I make a killer smoked Salmon..:)
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Welcome to the forum from another in Florida. Lots of good info here and people to help out with questions when they arise. Sounds like a great smoke in progress any Qview would be appreciated biggrin.gif
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Here they are. Almost done.
Gotta try the new recipes out in small batches to make sure they dont suck...
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Looks great but need smaller pics please I use Photobucket for mine
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Well, they dont suck, but they are way to salty...icon_sad.gif

On to a new recipe!
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Look great why are they to smokey are they brined or was it in the rub?
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Welcome to SMF, Pitbull, from a FL neighbor on the east coast. Glad you've found us. You're off to a running start with posting qvue, awesome!!

At least you tried your smoke before turning it onto the Luau folks. Good practice run, looking forward to seeing more pics of the real thing!
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Not too smokey, too salty.
I tried a terryaki, ginger and garlic marinade. I bought the terriyaki, which I think was the first mistake.
I should have made it myself.
I did not use any salt in addition to what I did.
There is no such thing as too smokey for me..
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Welcome to the best smokin' site this side of Mars. Looks like you've got the hardware, and some smokes in your background. Looking forward to your next smoke.
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I meant salty sorry musta been the marinade then at least you know you don't wanna use it again. Thanks for the Qview
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welcome to the smf
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Welcome, welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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