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brand new to smoking

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I just bought my husband a digital electric smoker for father's day. And I registered him on this site as a surprise. He loves to cook. Since we don't work well in the kitchen together he cooks and I clean up his mess. We will need a lot of help learning how to smoke.
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Welcome to SMF Grits you'll find lots of good info and recipes here. There are also people here to help with questions that may arise. I suggest signing up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse lots of good info and its free. Have Fun and Happy Smoking
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What a great gift for hubby and Father's Day! You guys are in for a great treat with what this hobby has to offer.

To start off, sign up for Jeff's free 5-day eCourse. It'll provide you with the basics needed to get off and runnin' to some great smokes.

Love to see newbies get addicted to smoking meat. Look forward to reading your future posts and qvue! Welcome!! biggrin.gif
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Welcome aboard to SMF Grits,I know that both of you will like it here,there's lots of information here.All you have to do is ask any questions you want and you'll get all of them answered.
Feel free to jump in anytime.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to smf Grits. He's a lucky guy. My wife doesn't clean up my mess.
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Just make sure you don't clean that smoker too much between smoking sessions. You want that thing to stay well-seasoned.

What's he going to try to smoke first?
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gaaads sweet heart..I already bought one also.should have asked me 1st..hey what the heck I can dedicate one to fatties and ABT's and the other to great meats..just keep em clean for me..

ooops..sound like home to me..welcome..
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Welcome to the SMF, this is the place for all men, women, kids, and anyone else who enjoys cooking, grilling, smokin', and the great outdoors. Maybe the two of you can work better out in the fresh air, I hope to see some Q View soon!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF from a neighbor from the west, glad you joined us !!!
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What a great gift

what a great gift fotr him for fathers day!!
Just be glad that you don't have to cook and clean!!
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when you signed your father up to SMF, you gave him a weath of knowledge and expierience no book or comp program could give hi regarding smoking. along with the smoker he can just about acomplish anything he sets his mind to smoke. this is truley a gift that will keep on giving!!!! we welcome him to SMF and hopefuly he share some smokes with us thru qview!!!
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