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PR on the Barbie!

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Rubbed a nice little 2 bone standing rib roast for dinner tonight. Doing it on the Weber Kettle with off set lump and a couple chunks of apple. Nice marbling and fat cap.

I'll update as it nears the point of devourment.

It's on and the lid closed.

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Smoked prime rib, will the holy-goodness-madness ever stop!! That sounds really good and should hope to be a tasty meal for ya!

Have any plans to spritz/mop it with anything during the smoke? Good luck to ya!
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Looks good so far can't wait on more Qview thanks for sharing
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Not Really. Been doing PR's for a lot of years and I pretty much season it up and let it go low and slow at about 250o. Internal gets to 130o I don't add anymore coals and let it hold in the kettle until dinner. Gets ya a good uniform medium doneness throughout the roast.

Now that I'm bragging I'll probably screw this one up.eek.gif
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About 1 1/2 hours into the smoke. Added a few garlic crusted potatoes.

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That was a tasty dinner. Got soaked pulling it off the grill as a monsoon blew in. But here it is.

Got 4 nice pieces out of it. We ate 2 and tomorrow we'll have cheese steak hoagies with the rest.

Plated it up with the garlic crusted potatoes, fresh veg medley, and ladled au jus over all of it.

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OH MY, that looks so good, already awarded my points, but you definately deserve some for that. I just ate, and that Q-view just made me hungry. Thats not good!cool.gif
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Oh My Gawd that was beautiful!
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Damn...can I come spend the night? biggrin.gif

Where did you get your au jus from?
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Looks really good! Nice job on the veggies too PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. PR is the best!
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great lookin prime rib!!! thks for sharing smoke!!!
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looks awesome and probally tasted better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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GREAT smoke, I'm sure it tasted great also.
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I cheat. I use beef stock, port wine and a little Kitchen Bouquet to darken it up. Just don't get a lot of drippings with meat not well done.

Thanx to all for the nice comments! Hope everyone got thru the storms ok yesterday. Got pretty gnarly there for a bit.
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Man that really does look tasty!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yup, that sure looks great. But where is mine?
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