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Gourmet Pig Candy

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Its hot as satan's butt crack here all the suddon too hot for activities of motion . So why not play with bacon.....right ? i been staring at a jar of
home-made rasberry chambord " liquor " presevres.....and the heat musta
got in my head and said...hmmmm lets play gourmet pig candy 101 trial--
cant error too much with bacon soo what the hell...tossed it all around in preserves....let sit while i mixed up some brown sugar , cracked black pepper , and some ground up home grown hot's......pic's to start off

started 1lb thick cut happiness

in the preserve's

some of last years sneaky willy's chili's they arent hot at start but finish
quite stingy....
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i forgot the goin in pic.......
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There ain't no gormay cooken around here, but that looks AWSOME, hope it tastes as good as it looks
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Awesome man, that looks GREAT !
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Those pics have me definitely interested in tryin some pig candy out!!! Looks great, hope we see some finished qvue!
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O.m.g !!!!!!!!

pulled first rack just about 2 hrs @ 200 deg using hickory. This is by far my best ever batch !!!! these lil gooey buggers rock...sweet spicy and kept some of the rasberry flavor while taking the smoke great
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Yikes can you come clean the drool off my keyboard biggrin.gif those look great and I'm sure taste even better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent job on the pig candy,and a good job with the Q-view.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hmmm. that is great..I hope heat effects me that way..
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That is some good lookin' stuff.
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looking good jerky....i can taste it from im trying some faux pig candy ..using spam instead of bacon....
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That stuff looks incredible!! (as the drool drips into my lap...)
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